Five Ways to Take Your Thanksgiving Office Party to the Next Level

November 16, 2017 by Grand Central Party

It’s November in Nashville, and that means that we are moving into the happiest time of year: the holidays. There is ample research that showing appreciation for your employees, coworkers, and colleagues through this time of year can help boost morale and make going to the office more fun. Today, we have the top five ways that you can take your Thanksgiving office party to the next level. It’s not all about the food, but some of it is. Let’s be honest: it’s mostly about food.

Thanksgiving Office Party

Food Makes the Party a HIt

Get everyone involved

We know that drawing all of your coworkers to a consensus can be a difficult task, o, maybe asking everyone to weigh in on decor may not be the best idea. Thanksgiving is all about the gratitude, and there are many ways you can encourage your coworkers to show that spirit through the coming weeks. Set up an office canned food drive, post a wall of thankfulness where people can publicly write down what they’re grateful for, or donate to local causes. And if everyone’s working in a spirit of gratitude, you can assume your office will be a happier place to work.

Mix the classics and the new

Everyone loves turkey. Everyone loves dressing. Everyone loves– fill in the blank with a favorite Thanksgiving dish. While your coworkers are going to come expecting all the classic Thanksgiving favorites, throwing in some proverbial curve balls can add a little bit of spice to your party. For example, this recipe for Curry Gravy sounds both delicious and exotic. If your office does a potluck style party, encouraging people to think outside the box with their dishes can add an extra special something to the event.

Everybody loves swag

If you are in a position of leadership, showing your employees a little extra gratitude with a small Thanksgiving gift is a great way to say “thank you” for the work your people do all year. Mugs, gift cards, small little remembrances that make your employees feel like you notice how hard they work can go a long way.

Don’t neglect decor

If you’re in charge of your office Thanksgiving party, don’t shy away from making your party look great. If you’re in charge of a large company party, we can help provide you with everything you need from tables and chairs to plates and flatware. If you’re part of a smaller office and limited to the conference room, a nice bouquet of flowers can add an extra little something that will put your party attendees in the holiday spirit.

Music, Games, and More

Most office Thanksgiving parties take place during normal business hours, which means that serving a classic cocktail at your party may be out of the question. But remember it’s the thought that counts. The more you do to make your office party special, the more chance your coworkers will have to enjoy the event. So while everyone is getting stuffed on stuffing, maybe set up a speaker and play some tunes.

At Grand Central Party Rentals, we believe that any party is a good party.  We are a Nashville industry leader in event rentals. We can help you find the perfect tents, tables, and more for your next event. Contact us today and talk to one of our event consultants. Whether you are planning a small office gathering for fifteen people or a large corporate party for 500, we wish you all the success for your Thanksgiving office party.

An Unexpected Cost: Wedding Gratuities

November 6, 2017 by Grand Central Party

It’s November. The month of thankfulness is upon us. While you spend time planning your Thanksgiving celebration, you may also be planning a wedding. When you consider your nuptials, don’t forget to budget for an unexpected cost of a wedding gratuities. While every vendor has their fee, it is customary to show a little extra monetary gratitude to the people that have worked so hard for you during the process of planning your perfect day.

Wedding Gratuities

Wedding Gratuities – thank your vendors

Wedding Party While it is not appropriate to give your bridesmaids and groomsmen money for standing with you on your wedding day, it is customary to give every person in your bridal party (yes- that includes flower girls) a small gift a day or two before your wedding. Most likely these people have traveled in order to be at your wedding, purchased or rented a dress or tux, and have stood with you through your entire engagement to wedding process. If you need ideas of gifts for you wedding party, click here.

DJ or Band Whomever you choose to make sure your guests have a fun, dancing filled evening at your reception has a large responsibility on their shoulders. They want to keep your guests happy and moving while you toss your bouquet or cut the cake. Generally, 10% of their bill is a good tip for a DJ. Or, $25 per band member. You can tip more if they carry a lot of heavy equipment to and from your venue.

Caterer Most caterers will include a gratuity on your final bill. If yours does not, including 15%-20% of your total bill is a nice guideline. Also, tipping the additional bartenders and wait staff is a good rule of thumb.

Wedding Planners Wedding planners don’t expect a tip, but more often than not, they go above and beyond for their clients. If their efforts for you were especially felt on your wedding day, offering 15%-20% of their total bill is a nice gesture.

Florists do not expect to be tipped for their services. As with all other vendors, if you feel like they have gone above and beyond for you, a 10% tips is greatly appreciated.

Photographer If you only have one photographer, and they own the business that you are paying for their services, you do not need to tip them. If they bring along a second or third person to take photos, it is nice to give each of those additional people a $25-$50 tip, especially if you were not additionally charged for their services in your bill.

Hair and Makeup As getting your hair done for your wedding is like any other day at the salon (except it’s not, because it’s so special!), you should tip your hairdresser as you normally would for any other services rendered. Same for your make-up artist, you should tip them as much as you would for normal services rendered.

Keep in mind that, at the end of the day, no vendor truly expects a tip for you. But, it is always a welcome surprise for anyone who you feel has gone above and beyond to make your special day truly one to remember for a lifetime.

At Grand Central Party Rentals, we want to make your big day as special and one of a kind as it can be. From tents, to tables, to flatware, and chairs, we can help you find all the little details that you’ve always dreamed of for your wedding day. Don’t hesitate our highly experienced team of rental coordinators is standing by to help make all your wedding dreams come true today!


Finding the Perfect Wedding Tent Draping

October 25, 2017 by Grand Central Party

When you ask most people what the happiest days of their life were, the lists are fairly similar. Graduation, landing a big promotion, the birth of their children, and the day they got married. When you are in the process of planning your wedding day, you want your special day to be just that: special. As simple as it may seem, a tent alone can add a special spark to your wedding day. If you take it one step further, finding the perfect wedding tent draping  can make it truly spectacular.

Wedding Tent Draping

Draping Ideas for your Wedding Tent

At Grand Central Party Rentals, we offer a wide variety of tents that meet any wedding day need. This time of year as the weather turns crisp and brisk, a tent can add warmth and comfort to cool daytime and evening events. They are also 100% customizable. So, while you may order the exact same tent as your best friend did four years ago, you can totally transform the inside into a bridal paradise that perfectly encompasses your personal love story.

Frame Tents

The nice thing about draping a frame tent is its name: the frame. This tent doesn’t have a center pole, which means that you can stand at one end of the tent and see to the other without anything blocking your view. We love these tents because they can be covered in fabric or have a clear top. You can hang anything from lace to burlap to tulle along the frame and drape it from one end of the tent to the other. If you choose the clear top option, this can add a dreamy, almost Gatsby-like feel to your wedding. Your guests will feel the elegance of the draped fabric, while still being able to see the stars. You can also hang fabric so that it acts like curtains around the frame of the tent. This can add warmth on cool nights. It can also be drawn back as the night progresses to give an indoor/outdoor garden party feel.

Pole Tents

Pole tents are just what they sound like: fabric tents held up by a center pole. Because these tents can be so big (up to 9,000 square feet of space), you can mimick the pole in the center of tent by allowing your draping to hang almost to the ground to mimic the center pole. Also, these tents have a high peaked center, which means that any draped fabric will add to the height and airy feeling of the tent. Adding fabric to these tents is another way to add your favorite accent colors without putting extra money into your flower budget, which can be a big win financially. We love these tents for large weddings, or for events that need to have several different spaces, as they allow ample room for tables, catering, and dance floors. Using different types of draping can signal to your guests that the tent is meant to have different areas.

Marquee Tents

Marquee tents are especially good for wowing your guests and creating designated spaces throughout your event. For example, if you want a large pole tent for dining, and a clear-topped frame tent for dancing, we can use a marquee tent to connect the two together. As marquee tents are not very wide, they do not require quite as much fabric as the pole or frame tents. That doesn’t mean they are not fun to drape! Adding fabric ‘doors’ and ‘curtains’ to show off your original style.

The Fun Stuff

Okay, so to be fair, drapery and fabric is not the only way to make your wedding tent truly special. String lights, fixtures, chandeliers, and other hanging accoutrements can add special touches that will truly make your tent your own. Not to mention, we have tables, chairs, linens, flatware, the list is endless, to make your wedding day dreams come true.

No matter what your vision for your wedding, Grand Central Party Rentals is on hand to help you make your special day truly spectacular. Our highly qualified and experienced tent rental team is standing by to help you find exactly what you are looking for on your special day. Call or click to start planning today!

Tricks and Treats for Your Halloween Party

October 16, 2017 by Grand Central Party

Halloween is just a little over a week away and chances are that you have either a) had your costume planned for weeks, or b) you haven’t given it a second thought. No matter where you fall from a to b, we have some great ideas on how you can have tricks and treats for your Halloween party this spooky season. And, don’t worry, we promise that his and hers Wonder Woman costumes aren’t the only available costume options out there.

Hallowen Party Ideas

Happy Halloween

Some of the best costumes aren’t complicated. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of loving Halloween, to being cordially apathetic about the whole affair, you don’t have to go all out when it comes to costumes. The old sheet with two holes cut in it to be a ghost may be a little played out, you would be amazed with what you can use to make a truly killer costume from around your house. Don’t break the bank this Halloween season. A striped shirt and black pants can be anything from a mime to a pirate with the right accoutrements.

Halloween parties can be kitschy and classy. You might like to think that a box full of cold spaghetti that doubles as zombie brains is just so 90’s, but never undermine the classics. Half the fun of a Halloween party is being able to combine all the best parts of kitsch and class. So, while you may have a tablescape of beautiful artisanal pumpkins interspersed with mums and ornate scarecrow figurines, a few classic games like bobbing for apples and pumpkin carving contests can add a lot of fun and charm.

Don’t forget Trick or Treaters. Everyone has thought about leaving a bowl of candy outside their door with a ‘just take one’ sign in front of it on Halloween night. One of the best parts of Halloween night is seeing all the kids excitedly going from door to door in their costumes. The good news is that most children are out trick or treating before it gets to be too late. Schedule your party to start after 8 so that your guests can stick around to see the kids in their neighborhood before heading out to your All Hallow’s Eve Soiree.

Office parties can be fun too. Sometimes planning any holiday party for an office can seem like a painful task. This year, we suggest that you be the one that is the most into your office Halloween party. If you get involved in providing the right amount of tricks and treats for your office Halloween party, you may see a change in how excited everyone is about the event. Encourage coworkers to make treats that different from their every other year offerings. (No candy pumpkins this year!) Tell the staff to dress up in their most work appropriate costumes and have a prize for the best one. By making the party more fun for everyone, you may see a lift in employee engagement and excitement going into the rest of the holiday season.

Parting favors can be party favorites. Because candy is such a large part of the Halloween holiday, you can make crowd pleasing party favors for surprisingly low costs. Offering your guests a sweet treat on their way out the door is a nice way of saying ‘thank you for coming.’ You can sweeten the deal by making them say, ‘trick or treat’ for it on their way out the door.

Halloween truly is a sweet time of year. While you plan your spooky events this season, don’t forget that Grand Central Party Rentals has all of your Nashville event needs covered. From tents, to tables and chairs, flatware and dishware, we can make sure your next event is truly remarkable. Call or contact us today to start planning your next great party.

We wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy Halloween!

Wedding Prep: 5 Important Planning Pointers

October 5, 2017 by Grand Central Party

It’s October and wedding season is getting into full swing in the Nashville Area. As the weather turns nice, you may be dreaming of your upcoming fall wedding or starting to plan a spring fete.  Wedding prep is stressful. Inspirational ideas and good advice are everywhere and you can quickly experience info overload. If you attend any weddings this fall, it’s easy to glean plenty of inspiration for an upcoming fete of your own. We are also here to help! These helpful wedding pointers help you get started planning your big day.

Wedding Prep

Wedding Prep Ideas

  1. If you can afford a planner, consider a planner. In the age of Pinterest, Google, the Knot, and a host of other helpful wedding related websites, it may seem like a cinch to plan a DIY wedding on your own. But, wedding prep is complicated, especially when you’re on a budget. Oftentimes, well-established wedding planners have long standing relationships with local companies that actually help save you money in the long run.  Nashville wedding planners.
  2. Select a Wedding Party. The people who surround you on your big day are important. While your mother might be pushing you to include your cousin that you haven’t seen in eight years for the sake of etiquette, it is important to be your own advocate. Wedding prep can be extremely stressful. You want to include people in your wedding party that will be focused on you, your nerves, and your need for champagne on your wedding day. If you don’t believe us, take the advice of Martha Stewart on how to plan the perfect wedding party.
  3. Start Booking Now. It is in your best interest to start contacting venues as soon as you have a date in mind. Nashville is a very popular place for destination weddings, and the Fall is a very popular time for weddings. Oftentimes, venues will book up to a year or two in advance. Don’t wait to contact Cheekwood or Country Music Hall of Fame. You don’t want to have to settle for a date that is second best. If your preferred date is taken, make sure to ask if they have a cancellation list. If another bride cancels, you may be able to snag the place for your big day.
  4. Make a Game Plan. Even if you use a planner for your wedding, it’s a good idea to have a rough timeline of when you would like to have things done. Things like dresses, alterations, and tastings have to be scheduled with care so that you have time to get exactly what you want. Also, when you’re planning, keep room in your budget for things to change. That must-have flower you wanted may be twice as expensive out of season. The more prepared you are before your wedding day comes, the more relaxed you can be the day of. Check out this infographic from The Wed Life.
  5. Always, Always, Always Have Fun. At the end of a wedding, the most important thing is that you will be spending the rest of your life with the person you love. A wedding is a celebration of love and planning one should be as well. Make sure that whatever you’re doing, whether it’s showers, or coordinating rentals, or choosing centerpieces, you are having fun.

Grand Central Party Rentals is your one stop shop for all of your Nashville area wedding rental needs. We have everything from tents to flatware, sofas to farm tables. No matter the size or setting of your special day, we can help you find all the accoutrements to make it truly spectacular. Call or click today to start planning the wedding of your dreams.