Guarantee a Beautiful Wedding Day, Rain or Shine

April 27, 2018 by Grand Central Party

The old maxim goes that April showers bring May flowers, but no one wants to wake up on their wedding day and find that storm clouds have rolled in. We have one way to guarantee a beautiful wedding day (read more), rain or shine: utilize tents to make your outdoor wedding a huge success, no matter what the weather. If you didn’t have tents in your dream wedding plan, that’s okay. We’ve put together some of our favorite, unique ways that you can defy the rain all together and have the perfect fete, no matter the weather.

Beautiful Wedding Day

Beautiful Wedding Day

It might be best to rent a tent no matter what. Let’s face it, the weather in Nashville changes on a dime. You can wake up in the morning to beautiful, sunlit skies and by two in the afternoon, it’s raining kittens and puppies. If you have planned a completely open air ceremony, find out from your wedding planner or rental company what their tent cancellation policy is. You can have a tent on hand in the event that the storm clouds roll in and you need to have your guests covered. Another pro tip: If there is rain in your forecast at all, consider setting your tent up the night before so that if the weather is clear the next day, the ground will be dry when you walk down the aisle.

Combine indoor spaces and outdoor spaces. Here’s the beautiful thing about tents: they are extremely versatile and they come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes. With options like clear-top tents, you can literally see the glowing night sky through the panels of the tent roof. Accent the panels with the right lighting, and you’ll be thinking, “What rain?” on your wedding day. Most rental companies have options to add actual flooring to your tent. Which means, even if it rains, your guests won’t be walking around on wet grass, they can be gliding around beautiful wood floors or tile. Make sure to ask your wedding planner or event rental company about what their options are to keep you and your guest’s feet dry on a rainy wedding day. They will probably give you some great solutions and ideas.

Your venue may have indoor and outdoor options. While this can be a pricey solution to inclement weather, many golf courses and country clubs have indoor spaces available for events. Be sure to ask your venue what their policy is on outdoor engagements and inclement weather. They may already have an existing plan in place to take care of your wedding if nature strikes. You can also refer to point 1 of this blog post and have tents on hand for the possibility of rain.

Rain isn’t the only factor when planning an outdoor wedding. Cold snaps are extremely common through the spring wedding season, but don’t let that ruin your perfect day. Most venues and rental companies have ample accessories to keep your guests warm on the day of your wedding. From space heaters to fire pits, you can find the perfect way to make sure everyone is comfortable, even if the weather turns cold. Pro tip: another solution for cold weather is a great band or DJ. When people start dancing, they forget about what the weather is outside.

Don’t miss a chance to accessorize. Another favorite old sayings goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” If you wake to a rainy wedding day, consider including a fun umbrella or galoshes to your expensive gown. While it isn’t perfect, it will make for really fun pictures and add a unique memory to your day. Same with the cold. If you have a chilly wedding day, you have a chance to wear a fun fur wrap or shawl. While the weather can seem like a disappointment, it can add something special and unique to the most important day of your life.

Many people believe that couples who have rain on their wedding day will experience luck within their marriage. Plan ahead and don’t let mother nature get you down. You can have the most beautiful wedding day, rain or shine, for better or for worse.


What Does Your Bridal Bouquet Say About You?

April 17, 2018 by Grand Central Party

A wedding consists of a thousand tiny details that all come together to make one perfect celebration. The best part about picking out each of those tiny details is how they reflect you and your intended’s love for each other from day one. Whether you are planning an elopement or an extravaganza, each part of your special day will reflect your own personal love story. Flowers play a huge role in any wedding day, even if it’s just a quick trip down to the courthouse. So, what does your chosen bridal bouquet say about you? Read on! We have some ideas.

Wedding Bridal Bouquets

What Does Your Bridal Bouquet Say About You?

Your flowers have history. The tradition of a bride carrying some sort of plant on their wedding day dates back even further than you may have guessed. In fact, brides as far back as ancient Egypt and Greece carried sheaths of wheat as sacrifices to the gods for fertility and happiness. Queen Victoria carried a large bouquet of sweet smelling blooms to invoke the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and to fill her marriage with a sweet aroma. Brides carry flowers because they are beautiful, and because they symbolize beauty, growth, and fertility. In carrying a sweet bouquet on your wedding day, you are paying homage to an old tradition. One almost as old as marriage itself. The more lavish and sweet-smelling your bouquet, you may wish for sweetness in your relationship. A simpler bouquet can symbolize a longing for simplicity and beauty in your marriage.

Your flowers have meaning. A little known fact about flowers is that each individual bloom has a specific meaning. Flowers have long been used as symbols for different ideas and feelings. For example, everyone’s favorite the red rose, symbolizes passionate love. And why shouldn’t it? It has been the favorite flower of Valentine’s Day gift givers for as long as anyone can remember. Keep a watchful eye on the flowers you put in your bouquet. Some flowers, like the buttercup, has negative connotations. If you hand someone a bouquet of buttercups, you’re calling them childish. Based on the flowers you choose, you may find yourself carrying attractiveness (ranunculus) and dedicated love (sunflowers) into your ceremony.

Your flowers have color. Certain flowers have different meanings based on what color you choose. For example, we mentioned red roses, white roses symbolize purity, while pink roses symbolize admiration. Yellow flowers are often used to symbolize happiness and joy. If your wedding colors consist of oranges, greens, and pinks, you probably want to carry a feeling of joy, happiness, and gentleness into your marriage. If you like more jewel tones, like purples and blues, you may want to carry tranquility (blue) and tradition (purple) into your marriage. Purple is also the traditional color of royalty, so if you choose several deep purples, you may be saying that your beloved makes you feel like a queen. And don’t confuse purple for lavender. Lavender symbolizes grace and elegance, which is also something a bride wants to feel on her wedding day.

Your flowers say a lot about you. So, what is your favorite flower? Do you want a bouquet overflowing with French Iris’s? They symbolize faith, valor, and wisdom

. Or do you prefer a more traditional peony, which is the symbol for happy marriage? Chances are that whatever blooms you (and your florist!) have chosen say something about the life you hope to have after your wedding is done. No matter what you choose, we are sure that your sweet-smelling accouterment will make the perfect addition to your wedding day.

No matter how you choose your tiny details for your wedding, it will be a special celebration of love and commitment. And no what your bridal bouquet says about you, we wish you a sweet marriage with plenty of love and joy to spare.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

April 5, 2018 by Grand Central Party

The second weekend in May is always an extra special time of year for moms. And while some holidays can seem a little manufactured (we’re looking at you National Wheat Bagel Day), it is nice to take one day out of every year to tell our moms how much we love and appreciate all that they do. So check out these Mother’s day gift ideas.

Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This especially applies to weddings. Many times, brides and grooms get so caught up in planning the most important day of their lives, they forget to honor the people who gave them life to begin with. Also, parent presents are not always considered customary in modern wedding planning. This year, we encourage you to flip the script and present to you, just in time for Mother’s Day, gift ideas! While you plan your nuptials, don’t forget who made your big day possible, and show mom and dad the love with these special gifts.

Jewelry is a great forever gift. When we think about weddings, we often think about rings. Engagement rings, wedding bands, all of these symbolize the oath of love that you and your partner decide to take on your wedding day. The beautiful thing about rings, and jewelry in general, is that it is a great forever gift. When shopping for a gift for your mother or father to say, ‘thank you’ for a beautiful wedding, consider a special bracelet, set of earrings for mom; a custom watch, or cufflinks for dad. This way, every time your mother or father wears them, they will be reminded of how meaningful your wedding day was.

A picture is worth a thousand words. One of the best things about weddings? Photos! Whether it’s engagement photos, bridal portraits, or photos from the wedding itself, the pictures that come from your wedding will always be precious. If you decide to give your parents a gift, consider giving them a framed photo from your engagement shoot or bridal portraits that they can have to remember your big day. You can also present them with an empty frame a few days before the wedding with a promise that you will soon fill it with a photo from your upcoming reception.

Personal is precious. When you consider what to give mom and dad on the day of your wedding, remember that the more personal a gift is, the more it will mean to them. Something as simple as a toast given by you and your betrothed at the rehearsal dinner can be a spectacular way to show your love and gratitude for your parents. If you write the toast down, make sure to save a copy of it to give to your parents so they can cherish your words forever. Other great personal gift ideas could be a book the includes special memories with your mom and dad, personalized art work around your relationship to your parents, and even plants that they can plant in their yard to remember your big day forever.

Feature your family in your decor. Marriage is about creating a legacy. When you begin to plan the decorations for your reception, think about incorporating photos of all the people who made your new legacy possible. (Check out this awesome photo restoration project from one bride here.) This can be a great gift to not only your parents, but to your extended family members who can appreciate the legacy behind your personal love story. There are even several ideas out there how to map a family tree style display of your and your fiancee’s extended family’s love stories.

No matter how you choose to recognize your parents during your wedding, remember that a simple and sincere thank you to the people that love you most means more than silver or gold.



Party Outside All Night with the Perfect Tent Lighting Option

March 28, 2018 by Grand Central Party

The most wonderful time of year is upon us: wedding season. Every weekend from April until late June are some of the most coveted by brides as the perfect time to get married. Why are these weekends so coveted? One word: weather. No matter what part of the country you’re in, but especially here in Tennessee, by the end of April spring has officially sprung. Beautiful spring weather makes for gorgeous photos, easy travel from church to venue, and the option for an outdoor wedding reception. We think that every bride should be able to have her dream wedding and then reception, where she, her new husband, and all their family and friends can party outside all night with the perfect tent lighting option.

Tent Lighting

Tent Lighting Tips

Tents are versatile enough to fit any wedding color scheme or theme. The best part about using a tent as part of your wedding reception is that they act as a blank canvas that you can paint your dream wedding on. Check out this slideshow from Martha Stewart that features a number of different tent decorating ideas. Pay special attention to the lighting details in each featured photo- every tent uses a different lighting feature. Some have chandeliers, some have simple cafe lights strung from one end to another. No matter what kind of wedding theme you have in mind, you can use lighting to accentuate it.

Different tents can accommodate different types of lighting. If you look back on our website, we go through the different types of tents via draping options in detail. Clear top tents, frame tents, and pole tents are all examples of available tents for your wedding. While you can hang a chandelier or multiple chandeliers in any of these options, some tents are more conducive to certain kinds of lighting. For example, a large pole tent that can accommodate 300 people may look best with a large, ready-to-wow chandelier hanging from the center peak. A smaller frame tent may call for several smaller chandelier hung at intervals throughout the tent.

From rustic to French Romantic, you can rent almost any look you want. Great news! It doesn’t matter if your dream reception is a farmhouse chict themed fete complete with burlap and exposed bulb cafe lights, or a French romantic dream with creamy silk draping and multiple sparkling chandeliers, you can rent almost everything you need to make your dream a reality. Find a truly experienced wedding planner who has connections with local rental firms and can get you the best deal on whatever look are you most interested in for your wedding. Weigh your options and find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of your big day.

Don’t be afraid to mix natural light, candles, and electric light. We love candles. They add such a romantic, simple, and elegant tone to what is already an extremely special day. The idea of a warm, dewy spring sunset mixed with candlelight sounds like the most romantic setting for a wedding there can be. When it comes to centerpieces and tablescapes, make use of candlelight to complement your overhead lighting choices. From taper candles to tea lights, candles can make all the difference in the romance and vibe of your wedding. For more ideas, check out this article from

for some really beautiful ideas on how to mix candlelight into your centerpieces.

Your big day is just that: Your Big Day. You want it to be special, and also fit the romance that you and your intended partner share. Make your big night even more special by being able to party outside all night with the perfect tent light options.



5 Reasons to Surprise Your Employees with a Farm to Table Feast

March 20, 2018 by Grand Central Party

As many of our favorite local restaurants know, spring in Tennessee means bountiful produce from a wide variety of local farms. Why bring up that lovely point on an events and bridal planning blog? You may notice that everyone in the office seems a little bit more distracted this time of year. As the weather turns warm and the days grow longer, people want to be outside. Take advantage of your corporate team’s spring fever and use it to your advantage with these 5 reasons to surprise your employees with a farm to table feast! It can spur more productivity and employee engagement. For more, keep reading, we’ll tell you why:

Farm to Table Feast

Farm to Table Feast

Events encourage employee engagement. The research is in: almost 45% of American workers are disengaged from their current jobs. And we understand- a job is a job. People want to make money, so they go to the office everyday. By holding mid-season and mid-year events, you elevate the meaning going into the office. Give your employees something to look forward to. If you source local ingredients from local farms, even better! You show your staff that you care about them and the community around your company. Don’t leave corporate events for Christmas and New Year’s alone. Find ways to celebrate all year.

It’s an excuse to get your people outside. Springtime is the perfect time for a picnic or outdoor event. The weather is good, and it’s not so hot that everyone will be sweating through their button-downs. Use the good weather to your advantage, and give your in-office party planners a little wiggle room to create a beautiful space outside. Tents and tables with long lines of delicious fresh food can make a Thursday afternoon feel like a Saturday night of vacation.

If you exemplify community involvement, you encourage community involvement. A farm to table event means bringing in food from local farms, growers, and people in your area to cater. By sourcing food from local businesses, as opposed to large corporate chains, you are sending a message to your staff that you care about the businesses that exist within your local community. You also have an opportunity to make something truly fun and unique for both your staff and the businesses that you purchase food from. Your staff may learn something about their area that they didn’t know before. Which can only add to the fun.

Healthy food equals active minds and fit bodies. Most people with full time jobs are strapped for time. By hosting a farm to table event, you are not only giving them a mid-week and workday break, you are also showing them that they have the ability to buy wholesome food at their fingertips. Have one of your local farms set up a do-it-yourself cooking station under a tent where employees can make farm fresh omelets or sandwiches. This will show your people that they have the resources within their own community to eat healthy even when they are not at work. The healthier your staff is, the lower your cost on healthcare. In this scenario, everyone wins!

There are always reasons to celebrate. While corporate parties can be expensive, remember that there are always reasons to celebrate when it comes to your staff. Whether you are celebrating a company-wide anniversary, throwing a collective birthday party where every member of the staff is recognized, or thinking about spring holidays like Easter or Passover, remember that your employees will always accept a reason to celebrate. By hosting a truly delicious spring fete, you are drawing attention to the fact that there is a reason to carpe diem all year long.

As the weather warms up, we hope you find more than just five reasons to surprise your employees with a farm to table feast. Make everyday a holiday and watch your people appreciate their jobs even more.