Wedding Shoes – “Something New” for your Special Day

September 18, 2017 by Grand Central Party

The old bridal tradition goes as follows, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”  As you plan, you may be racking your brain on how to fill each one of these traditions. Do you carry your grandmother’s blue handkerchief, or a piece of your mother’s wedding dress? We have an idea for your something new  Wedding Shoes that will literally knock your socks off. While Grand Central Party Rentals is your one stop shop for all your Nashville wedding reception and ceremony rentals, we have also kept our eye on the hottest fall bridal shoe fashions. And there are some good ones out there.

Wedding Shoes - Something New

Bridal Shoes are a symbol of the wedding

The Sparkly SandalWhile a wedding is the best day of your life, it can be rough on your feet. Standing for hours, dancing, and walking around to greet your guests could leave you wishing you’d left the four-inch heels at home. Intro the sparkly sandal! These bedazzled sandals are stylish, comfortable and can make you feel like a queen. They are also the perfect shoe to change into when you’re done with those impressive bridal heels and are ready to dance.

Floral Design Shoes – One of the most fun parts of planning a wedding can be choosing flowers. Centerpieces, bouquets, petals for the flower girl- the list is endless. Don’t let your florist be the only one to have fun with flowers. Let your shoes do the talking as well with fun, bold floral designs. These can add a classic flare to your wedding day look. Check out these beautiful heels by Bella Belle.

Bows, Bows, and More Bows – There’s nothing quite as elegant as a simple satin bow peeking out of the hem of your wedding dress when you say, “I do.” From flats, to heels, to even strappy sandals, you can find a wide variety of simple and classic be-bowed shoes to perfectly compliment any wedding gown. Check out the Lia Mules from BHLDN.

Illusion Lace Flats –  As with the aforementioned Sparkly Sandals, sometimes you want to give your tired tootsies a break when you’re cruising around the dance floor. If you’re not into sandals, these flats combine typical bridal shoe elegance with the ease of a ballet flat. Complete with decorative lace and beautiful designs, you may feel like you’re wearing nothing on your feet at all. Check out these from Bella Belle.

Colorful Wedding Heels –  If you veer more to the adventurous side, or you want to add a pop of color to your wedding day ensemble, consider pairing some brightly colored heels with your gown. Whether they are satin or lace, this is an easy way to show even more of your personality on your wedding day. Also- they’re great for photos! Check out these funky sandals from J. Crew.

Glass Slippers –  Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess on her wedding day? Even though as a bride you have technically already snagged your Prince Charming and there is no danger of turning into a pumpkin at midnight, you can still channel your inner Cinderella with beautiful almost glass slippers. These sparkly takes on wedding shoes can add just the right amount of princess-glam to your wedding day. Check out these dreamy Ari’s by Jimmy Choo.

No matter what you choose to wear on your special day, every bride is beautiful and glowing in her own way. As you plan your wedding, don’t forget that Grand Central Party Rentals is the only rental company in Nashville to trust. Call or click today to find out more about how we can help you find the perfect borrowed “somethings” for your big day.

Five Stunning Fall Centerpiece Ideas

September 5, 2017 by Grand Central Party

Everyone’s favorite time of year is right around the corner. The scent of bonfires in the air, crisp mornings, scarves, football season, sweaters, and just about pumpkin everything. That’s right, fall is on it’s way. We have pulled together our five favorite, stunning fall centerpiece ideas to help you feel inspired this autumn. The weeks between the end of August and early December are a busy time for events, as the weather turns nice and people begin to look towards the holiday seasons. As you plan your wedding, birthday party, corporate event, fundraiser, or fall festival, there are a thousand little details to keep in mind.

Fall Centerpiece Ideas

Five Fall Centerpiece Ideas

At Grand Central Party Rentals, we are your one stop shop for all your Nashville event rental needs. While we can help you plan which tables, chairs, and tents you’d like to use, the centerpieces and tablescapes are up to you.

  • Pumpkins Make it Pop: From jack-o-lanterns to pie, there are hundreds of fun things you can do with pumpkins during the fall season. One of the most fun may be using them as accent pieces in your fall centerpieces, or as the base of the centerpiece itself. In one method, you hollow out the inside of the pumpkin, fill it with foam and stick your fall flowers into it, creating a splash of beautiful autumn colors perfect to complete any tablescape.


  • Succulents are Beautiful Year Round: Favored as a houseplant because of their low maintenance reputation, succulents can add just the right amount of greenery to any centerpiece. Pair them with your favorite fall flowers (we especially like orange gerbera daisies), and you have an easy to make and maintain centerpiece. Plus, after the event is over, you can take the succulents home.


  • Bring the Outdoors Inside: It is amazing what you can find in your own backyard to make beautiful centerpieces. Since fall color schemes generally revolve around richer, dark colors like golds and browns, you can base the centerpieces around sticks, leaves, and greenery. Add candles and votive holders for that extra special pop.


  • Don’t Forget Your Burlap: Burlap is a great way to pull together any centerpiece or tablescape, plus it’s brown color can fit seamlessly into any autumn color scheme. Whether you use it as a runner, or a wrap for containers, burlap can add that special something to your centerpieces that you’ve been looking for.


  • Pop Some Creative Corn: One often underrated, but also essential symbols of fall is corn. Candy corn, multi-colored corn ears during Thanksgiving, and even the famous cornucopia are all part of this fun and eventful time of year. Why not incorporate this special autumn treat into your event centerpieces? Whether it’s putting corn kernels into jars with tea lights, or laying ears of corn out next to pumpkins, don’t miss a chance to add a little fun to your centerpieces.

We can think of no better place for any of these centerpieces to sit than on a Grand Central Party Rental table, surrounded by Grand Central chairs, underneath a Grand Central tent. We can provide you with the rentals you need to make your next fall event a huge success. Don’t hesitate- call us today!

Wedding Tent Decoration Inspiration

August 28, 2017 by Grand Central Party

In need of some wedding tent decoration inspiration, but don’t have the time to scour the internet for hours searching for ideas? Well, you have come to the right place! This article will feature different tent decoration ideas for your special day.

Tent Accessories

When it comes to decorating a tent for your wedding, it’s time to go big or go home! Tents are perfect decoration inspiration spaces, because they are blank slates. Say goodbye to attempting to merge your well-thought-out theme with the pre-existing carpet and permanent structures featured in a brick and mortar venue. Instead, you can fully develop your theme and use your wedding colors with tent accessories.

Tent accessories include linens (billowy fabric), lighting, and even walls and doors. Yes, you can add doors and walls to a tent! Check out this catalog for a variety of options. Now that you know you can utilize tent accessories to showcase your theme, let’s explore various themes for wedding tent decoration inspiration.

Rustic Theme

Interested in a country feel for your wedding? Then a rustic theme may be the perfect theme for your big day. Decorate the aisle by attaching flower arrangements like these to the chairs. Transform hay bales into creative conversation areas. Incorporate mason jars by using them as center pieces or lighting on a chandelier. When it comes to seating, get creative. Check out this catalog for chair choices. Make sure not to miss the cedar bench!

Complete your rustic theme with a southern themed menu featuring fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, and Moscow mules (vodka, spicy ginger beer, lime juice and a wedge of lime) served in mason jars.

Seaside Celebration Theme

Having a wedding on the beach? These wedding tent decoration inspirations should be sure ways to integrate a beach ambiance into every aspect of your wedding. You could stick to the typical beach color palette of whites, greens and blues during the day by using white linens and chairs with blue and green accents. When night falls, easily transform the space by using various colors of lighting to get the party started. See a beautiful example here. Have fun with the centerpieces. Here’s a cute DIY message-in-a-bottle centerpiece. Or maybe you fancy more of a nautical style table setting.

Complete your seaside celebration theme with a menu featuring shrimp cocktails, mini crab cakes, surf and turf entrees, saffron rice, garden salad with baby greens, and tropical cocktails like pina coladas.

Classic Romance Theme

Yearning for a timeless feel for your wedding that won’t look outdated decades from now? Up next are wedding tent decoration inspirations that stand the test of time by showcasing a classic romance wedding theme. Keep it regal by following a color scheme that features white with silver or gold accents. Since this theme features neutral linens and chairs, jazz it up by using beautiful chandeliers like these to add romance. Looking for even more sparkle? Transform the ceiling of your tent by selecting a clear roof tent covered in lights.

For classic romance, it’s all about the flowers. Aside from the bouquets and centerpieces, use floral arrangements to decorate the walls, chairs, archway (which doubles as a nice photo op) and even the cake. Check out these beautiful photos featuring this look.

Complete the classic romance theme with a simple menu of baked chicken or fish with roasted potatoes, asparagus and caprese salad. Pair a nice red or white wine to complete the timeless theme.

Ethnic or Multicultural Theme

Interested in embracing the culture and traditions of family? Then an ethnic or multicultural theme may be right for you! Bring your wedding to life by using rich colored fabrics and lighting. The decor for this vibrant theme is anything but subtle. View some gorgeous decorations of two cultural themed weddings: Indian and Italian.

Complete the ethnic or multicultural theme by hiring dancers or musicians to perform dances and songs that are part of your culture and heritage. When it comes to the menu, select dishes that reflect the culture. You can choose to select menu items that are traditional or you can feature menu items that are inspired by the culture.

Did this article provide some wedding tent decoration inspiration for you? Let us know!

5 Reasons Why Wedding Tent Rentals are Always a Perfect Idea

August 13, 2017 by Grand Central Party

Planning a wedding can be the most exciting and most stressful event in your life! Choosing the perfect location and venue typically being at the top of the list of difficult decisions. Do you want your wedding to be indoors in a beautifully decorated building? Or do you wish to be closer to nature and have an outdoor wedding? Depending on your wedding date, will the weather be a concern? And most importantly, how does renting a tent fit in with your budget? All these questions and more will be addressed below, so, keep reading for the top 5 reasons renting a tent is perfect for your wedding.

Wedding Tent Rental

5 Reasons – Wedding Tent Rental

Renting a tent gives you more bang for your buck

When it comes to your wedding budget, the venue and location can either make or break the bank. Choosing a tent is ideal for budget conscious wedding planners, because you can select from a variety of wedding tent packages. Packages typically include chairs, tables, a bar, linens and even a dance floor saving money on renting these items separately. Depending on the time of year and location, building venues not only book months and in some cases years in advance, but also carry a hefty price tag based on demand. Renting a tent is perfect for your wedding, because prices are set. Check out budget wedding ideas for even more tips.

Renting a tent is perfect all year round

Think tents are only for mild weather seasons? Well, think again, because renting a tent is great for all times of the year. Tents not only protect your guests from the rain and harsh sunlight, but can be great in various weather situations with the addition of some equipment. Having a summer wedding? Grand Central provides a variety of heating, cooling options and other tent accessories.

Renting a tent offers flexibility

Tents provide the flexibility of having both an indoor and outdoor wedding. You don’t have to worry about the weather and your guests get to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors. With a tent, the location options are numerous. Installing the tent on a ground surface allows the choice of having a wedding on a farm or even in your own back yard! Selecting flooring within the tent provides even more of an indoor atmosphere although you are outside. Since the size of the tent is based on the number of attendees, you have greater options with the guest count. You can have an outdoor wedding anytime of the year, therefore, a tent provides more options when it comes to your wedding date. With the cost savings, a tent is perfect for your wedding as it leaves more room in your budget for decorations and other necessities.

Renting a tent provides a blank canvas

Venues located inside of buildings already have an established theme. Furthermore, when it comes to renting tables and chairs, the venue only offers a limited selection of styles. On the other hand, a tent provides a blank canvas. You can implement your own style and theme without structural hindrances and the permanent decor of a building. A tent allows the freedom to transform it until it fulfills how you envisioned your special day would look.

The first way to transform a tent to make it perfect for your wedding is by selecting the right draping and lighting. Depending on your theme and style, you can select from a wide variety of options. View some draping decorations to be inspired. When it comes to lighting, you can choose a chandelier, vintage cafe lights, Italian street lights, globe lights and even lighting that gives your wedding a true party feel when it is time to get on the dance floor. Check out these lighting options for more ideas!

When it comes to linens, tables and chairs, you can truly let your imagination flow. Our online rental catalog shows the wide array of options available. If having decorating freedom is important to you, then renting a tent is perfect for your wedding.

Renting a tent accommodates a large guest count

Stressing about the guest count? Well, stress no more, because tents come in a variety of sizes making it easy to accommodate 92 to 920 guests! Frame tents range in size from 10′ X 10′ to 50′ x 120′, can seat up to 600 guests, and can be installed on any surface while providing an unobstructed view. Pole tents range in size from 40′ x 40′ to 60′ x 150′ and can seat up to 920 guests.

Weddings can be stressful! Reduce the stress by renting a tent so that you spend less time planning and more time preparing for the adventure of marriage.

Selecting the Right Tent for Your Event

August 3, 2017 by Grand Central Party

When it comes to planning an event, selecting the right tent is crucial. Choosing a tent that is poorly suited for your event provides a negative lasting impression. In this post, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to wow your guests, so that the only thing they recall is how much they enjoyed celebrating your special occasion.

Tent Rentals

Select the right tent for your event.

Selecting the Right Tent Size

When selecting the right tent for your event, the first thing you’ll want to consider is the guest count. Are you having a small soiree and only wish to accommodate 40 to 60 guests? Or are you having a grand celebration, and wish to have a guest list of 400 to 600 people? In addition to guests, will you need space for a DJ or live band? Will you have a sit-down meal with servers or a buffet? What type of tables will you have? Long, banquet style tables or round?

Will you need an area for the bar? If so, how many bars do you wish to have? And finally, what type of event are you hosting? Is it a wedding, birthday bash, graduation BBQ, or a corporate holiday party? Answering these important questions will determine how large your tent needs to be and what type of tent you should select.

Selecting the Right Tent Type

Marquee Tents are small tents (10 ft-100 ft) that can be used as a covered walkway, perhaps between tents. They can also be employed as a dramatic entryway into a building.

Frame Tents can accommodate 10600 guests. They range in size from 10′ X 10′ to 50′ x 120′! These tents are great, because they are versatile, can be installed on any surface, and provide an unobstructed view.

Pole Tents have a center pole that creates an alluring peak in the center of the tent. This tent type can seat 80 to 920 guests! They range in size from 40′ x 40′ to 60′ x 150′, making it the largest tent type of the three. Pole tents are best for events on soft surfaces like the ground, however, they can be installed on an asphalt surface.

Now that we know the tent types, let’s discuss further considerations. As previously mentioned, guest count is most important. As you can see, having a guest count of 700 guests would require a pole tent whereas having a guest count of 600 would provide the option of having either a pole or frame tent. What will your guests be doing at the event? Will they be seated most of the time meaning that having an unobstructed view is crucial? Or will guests be moving within the tent making a pole inconsequential?

As you can see, selecting the right tent for your event will either make or break your celebration. Use this information to ensure that your selection makes your celebration a pleasant and memorable occasion.

View our tent rental page or tent catalog for more info.