Band or DJ? The Pros and Cons of Both

September 6, 2018 by Grand Central Party

Your and your partner are the focus of the wedding. From the entrance and the vows to the kiss and the exit, it’s all about both of you. You’re surrounded by everyone you love to celebrate this lifelong commitment, and it’s one of the most memorable events in anyone’s life.

Then it’s time to party!

The drinks and the food are important here, there’s no doubt about that. But the music? The music can make or break your reception celebration; it sets the tone. But how to choose? You can either use a dj or a band, and both of these musical offerings have their own pros and cons.

Here are some considerations to help you decide:

  • MOOD. The type of music you select will set the tone of your celebration and can be used to underscore your theme as well. It’s often the part of your reception that people will most often recall in the years to come. Are you and your partner rockers or disco lovers? Would a string quartet suit your vibe most perfectly? Or do you want to have square dancing? The genre you select will help you decide whether live musicians or a DJ will be best.
  • COST. DJs generally cost less than a live band, and that will also depend on equipment requirements and whether your reception will be on a weekday or a weekend. (Keep in mind that the better known the DJ is the more they will probably charge.) Band prices will often vary depending on the number of band members and the length of time, day of week, and time of year.
  • VENUE. Take into consideration the amount of space offered by the venue you are selecting. Do you have room for the Cupid Shuffle? Could it fit a big band for those 40’s tunes you were hoping to hear? Make sure you are well versed on any site restrictions, as well. You might want to have a meeting on the premises with the band manager or the DJ to determine any possible issues beforehand.
  • LIVE: A live band can get the crowd excited and create an atmosphere of sophistication, while a DJ lends a gathering that dance-party feel. Both a good bandleader and a stellar DJ will interact with the attendees of your gathering, paying attention to the feel of the room and making sure the music matches it. Live music brings with it the unique experience of a live performance, and that can be worth the higher price-tag. DJs today are also performers in their own right, and their selections are often put together to please both old and young alike.

There are many decisions to be made before your wedding day. Make sure your music matches your mood!

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Wedding Planning: Organizational Tips to Help You Begin

August 30, 2018 by Grand Central Party

You’ve got a wedding plan. It might be your own, or perhaps you are helping someone you love. It’s a big job and can be very intimidating; let’s face it – the day just has to be perfect, beautiful, and organized, while still being enjoyable!

One of the most helpful tips we can share has to do with the organization of your wedding event since keeping everything together is the foundation of a lovely and memorable day. This tip is to start a wedding planner binder right from the start. This will be an invaluable go-to for notes, images, impressions, reminders, checklists, and timelines. In short, everything.

Your wedding binder should include these categories:

  • Images and impressions. Inspiration found in magazines or on Pinterest and Instagram should be saved, and the website address or account noted for future reference. This will be the place the vision comes together, so make sure materials such as textiles, embroidery, and jeweling are noted. The event will need a working color palette, so swatches and photos of other events that strike the fancy should be kept here.
  • To-do lists. This section will be the most important part of your binder. Create a timeline and insert it here so that reservations and appointments won’t be missed. If you are delegating tasks and projects, make sure they are noted here as well so that follow ups can be done. Laid out like a calendar on a day-to-day basis, it will be simple to add to and easy to look back on, and so will help keep things from being overlooked.
  • Budgeting. Establish a budget at the very beginning and keep concise records of expenditures and balances. If money is saved in one area, perhaps a splurge might be possible in another, and excellent records will keep you up to speed here.
  • Guest list/Seating arrangements. Depending on the RSVPs, your guest list will change over time, while family members may make requests for invitations to old friends or distant relatives that you had not considered. Keeping track of who will be there and where they should be seated will be very helpful if it is organized and set before the big day arrives.
  • Beauty. A section just for all the beauty details is a good idea. Hair and nail salons, color palettes, tanning salons, and jewelry suppliers can all be compiled here, along with contacts for the bridal party to use.
  • Music. Whether you are using a DIY playlist, a band, or a DJ, you will want a list of the music you want to hear during your wedding and reception. Be very specific about the genre, the artists, and the specific songs that you want included.
  • People helping. Have this section completed with a list of everyone who has taken on a task or project to help, and cross reference it with the timeline we mentioned above. Make sure you have up-to-date contacts for them and share them with your main assisting person – Friend, family member or wedding planner.

Here at Grand Central Party, we are committed to helping you with your special day. It’s all about love.

Catering To Your Wedding Theme

August 23, 2018 by Grand Central Party

Today’s wedding couples are planning unique wedding experiences. It’s not that traditions are no longer important to them; it is simply just that they are empowered to select the traditions that are meaningful to them personally, creating a day that is memorable and intensely personal for them and their chosen partner.

Take Harry and Meghan, for example. They observed quite a few of the traditions required of their position, out of respect for the Queen and the nation, such as being married at Windsor. But they added a few touches of their own: a speech by the Duchess, Princess Diana’s favorite flowers, and the lemon/elderflower cake. And no one will ever forget that wedding dress!

At your own wedding, you will probably have family traditions that you want to observe, as well. Perhaps your favorite uncle always proposes the toast, or maybe you are choosing to be married on family property, just as it’s been done for the last 75 years. These are special and charming decisions a wedding couple can make, and are all a part of love.

Many weddings today also have a theme, however, and that is just another level of fun. These themes can be chosen based on favorite movies, such as Star Wars or Harry Potter, or songs, such as the theme from Titanic or a tune from Woodstock. The couple could be avid hikers or surfers, square dancers or parachuters…the list of possibilities are endless!

When you are working within a theme, there is one part of a wedding celebration that demands special attention, and that is…..the FOOD!

Just imagine all the ways that your catered foods can enhance your wedding theme.

A southwest theme will require Mexican or Tex-Mex, while a surf theme could inspire a luau, complete with pineapple and pork. Is the wedding couple a pair of Anglophiles? A wedding cake topped with a replica of a British castle, Yorkshire pudding, roast beef….just think of it. Car enthusiasts might enjoy a menu that gets its kicks from the diners along Route 66, while a pair that is into skiing might absolutely love offerings that could be found at a ski lodge.

When planning out your special day, don’t forget that you’re creating a recipe for a day to remember!Here at Grand Central Party, it’s our job to help you create the wedding celebration of your dreams.

Tennessee Destination Weddings: A Few Locations You Might Not Have Considered

August 16, 2018 by Grand Central Party

Promising to share your life with another person is a very special event. You want the joy of the day to stand out in your memory and the memory of your partner for years to come. What better way to do that than to pick a spot for your vows that is totally unique?

We all know people who have traveled halfway around the world for their “destination wedding” and yes, the photos are astounding, as are the stories told about the event. However, not everyone has access to that type of budget. Also, some of us would prefer just a bit more simplicity. How about a lovely corner of Tennessee? Here are a few ideas just for you:

  • For the Outdoor Enthusiasts: Signal Mountain. Signal Point was used by Native Americans to send messages across the area, and the unforgettable views from the top overlook the Tennessee River Valley and Chattanooga. This location is a perfect choice for outdoor lovers and enthusiasts.
  • For the History Lovers: Cade’s Cove. Located in Smoky Mountain National Park and considered one of the most scenic places in the U.S., this spot is ideal for a small and intimate wedding. A special-use permit is required, and traffic is limited to just six cars, but wildlife abounds in the area, and restored log cabins will make for unforgettable wedding photos.
  • For the Adventurers: Cumberland Caverns. The atmosphere of a cave might not be for everyone, but spelunkers and adventurers will find this beautiful and unusual location irresistible. Do plenty of research before booking your event to make sure all the specific requirements for such an adventure are fulfilled.
  • For the Music Lovers: The Bell Tower. One of the only original Nashville structures to survive World War II in the downtown area, this venue has recently been re-furnished and updated with chandeliers. Its 1874 character has been preserved intact with the original flooring and arched windows. The bell tower itself boasts a tasting room with over one hundred bourbon, scotch, and whiskey selections, and the acoustics are top notch, in case the wedding couple is planning on inviting a band to their Music City event.

No matter where your party gets started, Grand Central Party is here to help!

Top Winter Trends of 2018

August 9, 2018 by Grand Central Party

Joyous. Simple. Memorable. Unique.

The weddings this year are proving to be evolving and are different than those of the past, and the upcoming winter wedding season will be no exception. The tastes and personalities of the two people who are choosing to do life together are shining through in the most amazing ways with traditional choices being left behind or transformed into something new, something that is a pure expression of the couple.

Some of the trends we are seeing for a winter wedding this year:

    • Long sleeved dresses. Perhaps due to the influence of the Royal Wedding this spring, brides are choosing dresses with long-sleeves more often. For a cooler wedding day, this style is perfect! Popular fits are the A-line, fit and flare, lacy, and ballgown, with many brides choosing more edgy styles over traditional versions this year.
    • Rich and bold colors. Dark and rich colors are the top picks for our winter couples; the most popular hues are blue (which tops the list), followed by red, pink, white, and purple. Burgundy is another color that is expected to be a big hit this winter. Check out our linen catalog to find the best wedding rentals for your special day here.
    • Hanging flowers and greenery.  While creating stunning and unique celebratory environments, this choice also clears the tables to make more room for decoration and culinary delights. We also expect to see personalisation in floral choices this winter, following Prince Harry’s tribute to his mother Princess Diana in the display of forget-me-nots during his wedding.
    • A speech from the bride. Another unique trend that will show up this winter is the bride’s speech. Women are finding their voices and expressing themselves in new and powerful ways around the world today – and their wedding should be no exception!
    • Dessert table. What could be more personal and unique than a table full of desserts? A wedding cake can certainly have the seat of honor, but cheesecake, cookies, and the beloved macaron can join the party. Sugar-free and organic treats or locally produces sweet delights can also have a place at the table – whatever the couple desires.
    • Cuisines of the world. This winter, the wedding feast might include a food truck or Peruvian or Japanese specialities. The happy couple is choosing food that they love instead of more traditional fare. Portable pizza ovens are happening, and as their guest, you may even get to enjoy sushi!
    • Innovative invites. This winter, you may receive wedding invitations that are created from materials other than paper. This trend reflects our return to nature and our awareness of the fragility and beauty of our natural world. An invitation made of wood or stone can be placed in the garden or hung on the wall for years to come and will never end up in a landfill. What better way to celebrate a new life together than in respecting the Earth?




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