Plan a Fabulous Spring Wedding

January 9, 2017 by Grand Central Party
Spring Wedding

Plan a Fabulous Spring Wedding

Spring is a season that everybody loves. With the weather warming up, trees leafing out and flowers starting to bloom, spring is all about a fresh start, just like the joining of two lives in a wedding ceremony. If you and your soon-to-be spouse have chosen spring as the time to exchange your vows, there are several seasonal advantages that will help you in planning the perfect Spring Wedding day.

Selecting Your Color Scheme

You may be a traditionalist and therefore quite content with pastels. You may envision your bridesmaids in pink, pale yellow or sky blue, and that’s perfectly fine. But if you want to add a little pizzazz, consider a two-color theme. You could pair that sky blue with mocha, or the pale yellow with sage green. How about pale pink bridesmaids dresses with hot pink sashes? You will be seen as a traditionalist who likes a certain amount of flair, and that’s a good thing. The two-tone spring color scheme should, of course, be carried out in everything from the invitations you select to the table linens at your reception.

A Wide Choice of Flowers

In spring, flowers of every kind are in season, giving you countless opportunitie

s to think outside the box. Roses, of course, are a favorite spring flower for wedding bouquets and table decorations. However, keep your mind open to daffodils, hyacinths and peonies. In the wide variety of spring flowers that are available, you will undoubtedly find those that complement your color scheme. You can also use interesting greens as a backdrop for your favorite colors. Think herbs or ivy. As an extra benefit, you will be able to find gorgeous flowers that, because they are plentiful at this time of year, will be much less expensive than those you would need for a winter wedding.

The Wedding-Friendly Budget

When you begin thinking about how to plan a spring wedding, you will find that another advantage is cost. Just as flowers are less expensive at this time of year, so are the fabrics for bridesmaids dresses because they are lighter in weight and filmier than what you would find in the fall or winter. The menu for your reception is also going to be kinder to your pocketbook because there are so many delightful in-season options.

Loving the Location

It will not be hard to find the perfect spot to celebrate your nuptials. One word of caution, however, and that is to avoid areas that are popular for spring break, if possible. However, if you are set on a location like Palm Springs or Fort Lauderdale, remember to book your reception venue and guest accommodations early; there will be a great deal of competition for airline tickets and hotel rooms. If you are planning to honeymoon in a popular vacation area during spring break, check with the resorts there to find out whether they will be hosting groups of spring breakers. If so, you might want to look for a quieter, more romantic honeymoon destination.

Celebrating Outdoors

Spring is the perfect time to celebrate your wedding outdoors—your reception, at least. Rain is always the one big concern. The answer is to have a tent. This can be a very stylish solution, rain or shine, because it can be decorated so beautifully and you and your guests can still enjoy the great outdoors. If you would like to chat about spring wedding planning, the staff at Grand Central Party Rental can give you some great ideas.


New Wedding Trends for the New Year

December 30, 2016 by Grand Central Party
New Wedding Trends

Spice up your Wedding

Trending Now in Weddings

If you and your spouse-to-be are always up for trying new ideas, clearly your marriage will be anything but boring. No doubt you are interested in finding out what’s tending now in weddings; after all, you are at the point of planning a very special day. You want it to be beautiful, memorable and the type of celebration that sparks a lot of excited buzzing among your friends and relatives.

Choosing the Day and Date

Weddings are often held on a Saturday afternoon or evening, but couples are beginning to opt for Fridays. For one thing, Saturdays are always the first days to be reserved so unless you book the wedding and reception locations very early on, you may be disappointed. The good news is that if budget is a consideration, the venues you have in mind may give you a discount for a Friday reservation. Furthermore, if you marry on a Friday, your wedding day may turn into a fun weekend. For example, you might want to plan a brunch on Saturday, which will give you more time to spend with guests who have come in from out of town.

The Intimate Celebration

The smaller wedding has been trending for some time, and more couples are choosing to have family and close friends rather than a large affair. In fact, it is becoming more commonplace for the happy couple to pare down the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. It is not unusual these days to find that the entourage is limited to just the best man and the maid or matron of honor.

Color All Around You

While many brides still prefer pastel colors for their theme, including bridesmaids dresses, the trend is for much more color. Bridesmaids dresses might be peacock blue, hot pink or at least a bright watermelon shade. Grooms are casting aside black in favor of lighter colors like beige or tan and going for suits rather than tuxedos. The lighter colors are a good choice if you are planning a rustic wedding—and rustic is still a favorite theme for the foreseeable future.

Free-Form Flowers

Whether you are interested in a rustic wedding or not, you may want to go with free-form flower arrangements instead of the more traditional structured look. People today are concerned about where and how their fruits and vegetables are grown, and the preference for natural foods grown without pesticides has spilled over into the flowers they choose for both wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. Heirloom flowers are popular as are small potted plants given as wedding favors.

Celebrating Outdoors

Wedding ceremonies and receptions that are held outdoors are becoming very popular. Of course, there is always the possibility of rain, so you either need to have a Plan B or simply decide in favor of a tent. If you have not seen how beautiful a tented reception can be, the staff at Grand Central Party Rental can fill you in. Tents are available in different sizes and configurations, open on all sides or closed, depending on weather and function. A stunning environment can be created with draping, lighting and with the style of chairs and tables selected. You might just start a whole new trend with the selections you make for your fabulous, totally unique wedding day.

10 Healthy Holiday Tips for Surviving the Season

December 17, 2016 by Grand Central Party
Enjoy the Holidays & Stay Healthy

Healthy Holiday Ideas

This can be a difficult time for everyone, not just the health-conscious. Rather than throwing your entire diet out the window, why not focus on these Healthy Holiday Tips. We have compiled 10 Healthy Tips for Thriving, Not Just Surviving the Holiday Season to help you feel strong, joyous, and accomplished while celebrating with friends and family.

Plan Ahead

If you realize that you will be attending a holiday party, dinner, or event, take the right steps to build on your success. That includes eating a healthier meal beforehand, which will decrease your appetite and limit your chances of overeating at the event.

If you plan on eating the holiday meal (one that will most likely be full of carbs, fats, and sugars), be sure to eat lean proteins and veggies in all meals prior.

Slow down and savor your food

This food only comes around once a year. We’re talking to you, Christmas Cinnamon Rolls. It is time to celebrate and enjoy the season, so indulge (a little) in your favorite dishes. However, instead of eating as much and as quickly as possible, slow things down and savor the holiday flavors. Chew more, taste more, and take your time. This season, take time to slow down, relish your family and your food choices.

Be particular about what you eat

For your success, it is essential that you be specific about what you want to eat. Eat the foods that you like, and don’t fool around with those foods that are just there. If the food in front of you isn’t at least an 8 out of 10 on your seasonal excitement level, stay away from it. Simple as that.

Downsize your dishware

Research shows that we are triggered to finish the food on our plate even when we are full. Your mom isn’t watching; you don’t have to be part of the “clean plate club.” The easiest way to not disappoint your mom or impede your health and fitness goals is to downsize your dishware. This decreases you guilt for wasting and your guilt for overindulging.

Don’t graze

When you are preparing meals for your family, stay away from continually sampling your dishes while you cook. When you are at a party, grab a “downsized plate” and start circling the room. When you stay near the food table, you’re asking for trouble; those continuous samples really start to add up after a while.

Be assertive

Enter every event or meal with a mission. Set your mind on that mission and complete it. Eat the foods that you want to eat and pass over the ones that you don’t. Don’t let anyone bully you into eating or feeling bad that you are focused on your health and fitness goals. In fact, you have the opportunity to improve their lives and plant the seeds of a healthy life. Turn this potential negative into a positive situation.

Be prepared

You pack the right clothes for your trip, so bring the right food, too. Your image is important. Having the right supplies is important. Feeding your body is important.

Always pack foods that are nutrient-dense, have sustaining calories, and travel well. Foods like beef jerky, nuts, and meal bars (like Kind, Caveman, or Kashi) are ideal. Opt for those with whole ingredients and names you can understand. Or bring fruits and veggies that are durable and don’t need refrigeration. Crunchy ones are great substitutes for chips and keep you alert while driving.

 Choose your options wisely

You’re bound to dine out during your trip, so be mindful of buffets, continental breakfasts, and family-friendly restaurants, which are often packed with carbs, fried foods, and bad fats.

With this in mind, seek out “leans” and “greens” from the menu. Lean proteins will provide an extended fuel source, while green veggies will fill your body with phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to keep you feeling fuller – and better – longer.

Exercise anywhere and everywhere

If you can move, you can stay fit. Your hotel room is for more than just sleeping; it’s your personal fitness studio. Use your own body weight to continue progress by practicing the basics: squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups.

Most hotels or resorts offer complimentary gyms for their guests. Use it! Equipment will be limited, so utilize the space and get creative. Or if you want more equipment, walk into the nearest gym, let them know you’re in town for business/vacation, and ask to pay a “drop-in fee.”

Be committed and enjoy it

Your mindset will determine your outcome. That is true in every aspect of life, including health and wellness. Get it in your mind that you will succeed and have fun.

Bring enough workout clothes, place them in view as a reminder, and plan your fitness activities so you won’t be lost. Traveling can prove stressful, so keep your workout fun. Just keep your body moving and break a little sweat. You shouldn’t dread your session; look forward to it!

5 Tips for Throwing a Great Holiday Party

December 5, 2016 by Grand Central Party

The Holidays have officially arrived and time is running out to plan your Christmas (or New Year’s Eve) Party!

Elegant Table Setting

Hosting a holiday soiree can be so much fun, and we’re here to get you started with 5 Tips for Throwing a Great Holiday Party.

Determine your theme

This may be the most important step in preparing for any party because it sets the tone for everything else – from décor and music to menu and attire.

Your party invitation conveys the mood of your event to guests; this is true even for a Facebook Event cover photo. A design with a fun martini glass and quirky font is very different from one featuring a champagne glass and glittery polka dots.

We promise your guests will thank you for giving them an idea of what to expect – and how to dress for the party (think: Ugly Christmas Sweater versus sparkly cocktail dress).

Once your theme is set, consider your budget and how much will be allocated for décor, food and drinks, and any extras (like a bartender). Parties can cost as much – or as little – as you’d like, so set an amount and stick to it.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

Preparation is absolutely key to throwing a successful party. You don’t want to answer the door with curlers still in your hair and an empty ice bucket. Of course there will always be last-minute touches, but prepping in advance means you can play hostess without fretting about stringing Christmas lights and making punch.

Use a Party Planning Checklist like this one to ensure you’re staying on track and not forgetting anything.

Don’t be afraid to move your furniture around so guests can move easily throughout your home (impromptu dance party, anyone?). While you don’t need a seat for everyone, it’s nice to cluster several chairs together so your guests can socialize with one another. Bonus points if you have a stash of folding chairs on-hand.

Also, determine where your guests’ coats will go before everyone arrives. An empty hall closet with hangers would be ideal, but a tidy bedroom works well, too. Just be sure to hide any unmentionables and turn on a lamp so your friends can find their way when they’re ready to leave.

What’s on the menu?

This part can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to – regardless of the size of your party.

Most often, guests will bring some type of beverage to the party. It may be a nice bottle of wine or their favorite small batch bourbon.

It’s safe bet to have red and white wines and one or two beer selections. You know your crowd best, so think about what they might enjoy.

If your budget is limited, consider making a large batch of holiday punch, and purchase boxed wine (we promise good boxed wines exist) and serve in a glass beverage dispenser. You can look fancy without blowing your budget.

Assuming you’re not throwing a dinner party, opt for easy snacks that can be eaten while having a conversation and holding a glass of wine in one hand. Don’t make your friends and family juggle their food and drinks.

A variety of cheeses and crackers are always a hit, along with bitesize sweet treats. Pair them with a fruit or veggie tray and cocktail meatballs. You can also set out several nice glass bowls filled with different candies.

Give your guests something to nosh on throughout the night without going into a food coma from a full plate of homecooked goodness.

Set the mood

Create a festive ambiance with scented candles, décor, and great music.

Walking into a home that smells like Christmas might just be the best feeling ever, so pick up some holiday-scented candles or simmer homemade potpourri on your stovetop.

Don’t overthink your décor. Invest in one or two statement pieces that can be used again, and complement them with festive plates and napkins. Plus, a decorated Christmas Tree deserves to be the center of attention.

Be sure to create a music playlist in advance or select a Holiday Station on Pandora to keep your party-goers energized for the entire evening. Decide if festive classical tunes or Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” fits your party best.

Enjoy yourself!

Don’t let the stress of party-planning overshadow the main goal of a party! Enjoy yourself!

You have surrounded yourself with (presumably) your favorite people, so now is your time to let loose and celebrate. Ring in the New Year or cheers to the fact that this “isn’t another boring office party.”

When creating your wedding website, follow these do’s and don’ts

July 4, 2016 by Grand Central Party

Having a wedding website is one of the easiest, most cost-efficient and most etiquette-friendly ways of sharing news and information with your future wedding guests. From directions on how to reach the location of the wedding to info about the wedding registry, there’s a myriad of things you can put on your wedding website – so this is surely something you should consider having.

What are some of the do’s and don’ts of creating your wedding website? Read on and find out more.



  • Be very clear about the dress code, regardless of whether it’s a black tie event or a very casual one. This way, your guests will be able to wear an adequate attire – and not feel underdressed or overdressed in any way.
  • Include information about lodging and food in the area, especially if you have out-of-town guests who may not be very familiar with the area. This will make their trip more enjoyable and less stressful.
  • Talk about your social media rules. Share your hashtag with your guests and, if you have any special rules about sharing on social media, make sure they are aware of them all.


  • Do not choose to receive RSVPs on your website only. Include a traditional mail option too, for guests who may not be Internet-savvy or who simply prefer sending their RSVPs back to you via mail.
  • Do not include information about pre-wedding events with a limited guest list (e.g. the bridal shower or the bachelor party). Guests who are not invited to these events may feel that it is rude to share the pre-wedding parties info with them too.
  • Do not use acronyms of any kind. Some of the guests may not be as familiar with them (e.g. not everyone understands who the “MOH” is and, even more, most guests will not understand local acronyms or regional expressions).

Grand Central Party has gathered a beautiful collection of wedding rental items – so if you want to create a wedding that’s truly personal and unique, you should definitely come and see what we offer. We will not disappoint you!


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