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Drapery Rentals

Draping for Elegant Weddings Using lighting and drapery is a great way to liven up a space for a romantic setting. Using gorgeous lighting and drapery that correspond with your event theme and decorations is a great way to keep talking about your event.

Is your event space just a big empty room or are the walls covered in ugly wallpaper? Drapery is a perfect way to hide areas of a room you don’t like and to highlight a room’s features. It is a great way to soften a hard room and brighten dark spaces. It is also a great way to break one large space into specific areas, such as lounge areas and dining areas. Here are a few of Grand Central Party’s Signature Styles:

  • Spider Legs - a central hub with draping radiating out and down
  • Swopes - dramatic curves to create a lite airy environment
  • Highlight or Hide - valences, screens and accents can hide or enhance areas of the room
  • Ceiling and Walls - coverage to create a tent like effect
  • Pipe Framework - we build a frame to provide flexibility to your draping placement
  • Complete Coverage - draping can cover all surfaces, create rooms and achieve your design

You are not limited to these ideas. Grand Central Party can create a look just for you. We have the experience to create a wonderful and memorable event. Contact us today at 615-868-3747 to get started.