10 Healthy Holiday Tips for Surviving the Season

Enjoy the Holidays & Stay Healthy

Healthy Holiday Ideas

This can be a difficult time for everyone, not just the health-conscious. Rather than throwing your entire diet out the window, why not focus on these Healthy Holiday Tips. We have compiled 10 Healthy Tips for Thriving, Not Just Surviving the Holiday Season to help you feel strong, joyous, and accomplished while celebrating with friends and family.

Plan Ahead

If you realize that you will be attending a holiday party, dinner, or event, take the right steps to build on your success. That includes eating a healthier meal beforehand, which will decrease your appetite and limit your chances of overeating at the event.

If you plan on eating the holiday meal (one that will most likely be full of carbs, fats, and sugars), be sure to eat lean proteins and veggies in all meals prior.

Slow down and savor your food

This food only comes around once a year. We’re talking to you, Christmas Cinnamon Rolls. It is time to celebrate and enjoy the season, so indulge (a little) in your favorite dishes. However, instead of eating as much and as quickly as possible, slow things down and savor the holiday flavors. Chew more, taste more, and take your time. This season, take time to slow down, relish your family and your food choices.

Be particular about what you eat

For your success, it is essential that you be specific about what you want to eat. Eat the foods that you like, and don’t fool around with those foods that are just there. If the food in front of you isn’t at least an 8 out of 10 on your seasonal excitement level, stay away from it. Simple as that.

Downsize your dishware

Research shows that we are triggered to finish the food on our plate even when we are full. Your mom isn’t watching; you don’t have to be part of the “clean plate club.” The easiest way to not disappoint your mom or impede your health and fitness goals is to downsize your dishware. This decreases you guilt for wasting and your guilt for overindulging.

Don’t graze

When you are preparing meals for your family, stay away from continually sampling your dishes while you cook. When you are at a party, grab a “downsized plate” and start circling the room. When you stay near the food table, you’re asking for trouble; those continuous samples really start to add up after a while.

Be assertive

Enter every event or meal with a mission. Set your mind on that mission and complete it. Eat the foods that you want to eat and pass over the ones that you don’t. Don’t let anyone bully you into eating or feeling bad that you are focused on your health and fitness goals. In fact, you have the opportunity to improve their lives and plant the seeds of a healthy life. Turn this potential negative into a positive situation.

Be prepared

You pack the right clothes for your trip, so bring the right food, too. Your image is important. Having the right supplies is important. Feeding your body is important.

Always pack foods that are nutrient-dense, have sustaining calories, and travel well. Foods like beef jerky, nuts, and meal bars (like Kind, Caveman, or Kashi) are ideal. Opt for those with whole ingredients and names you can understand. Or bring fruits and veggies that are durable and don’t need refrigeration. Crunchy ones are great substitutes for chips and keep you alert while driving.

 Choose your options wisely

You’re bound to dine out during your trip, so be mindful of buffets, continental breakfasts, and family-friendly restaurants, which are often packed with carbs, fried foods, and bad fats.

With this in mind, seek out “leans” and “greens” from the menu. Lean proteins will provide an extended fuel source, while green veggies will fill your body with phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to keep you feeling fuller – and better – longer.

Exercise anywhere and everywhere

If you can move, you can stay fit. Your hotel room is for more than just sleeping; it’s your personal fitness studio. Use your own body weight to continue progress by practicing the basics: squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups.

Most hotels or resorts offer complimentary gyms for their guests. Use it! Equipment will be limited, so utilize the space and get creative. Or if you want more equipment, walk into the nearest gym, let them know you’re in town for business/vacation, and ask to pay a “drop-in fee.”

Be committed and enjoy it

Your mindset will determine your outcome. That is true in every aspect of life, including health and wellness. Get it in your mind that you will succeed and have fun.

Bring enough workout clothes, place them in view as a reminder, and plan your fitness activities so you won’t be lost. Traveling can prove stressful, so keep your workout fun. Just keep your body moving and break a little sweat. You shouldn’t dread your session; look forward to it!

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