3 rules every bride-to-be should keep in mind for her bachelorette party

Having a bachelorette party thrown has become quite common these days. And while this should be a night of fun with your favorite friends in the world, keep in mind that there are certain rules both you and your bridesmaids should never omit. What are some of the most important ones? Read here and find out more:


  • Dress nicely, but don’t overdo it. And make sure you leave that very-very short skirt at home! This is a surprise party and you don’t know exactly what your girls have planned for you so it’s better to stay neutral. You don’t want to go clubbing with an extra-short skirt and you most definitely don’t want to go to a fancy restaurant in the same skirt either!
  • Have plenty of water. Really. It will save you from getting drunk too quickly and from having a huge headache the next morning. It can be very easy to lose track of how much you have drunk, especially when you are having a good time – so make sure to mix your beverages with water and to stay hydrated at all times.
  • Likewise, careful with what you eat. Do eat before you leave home, but try to eat something light and nourishing. The last thing you want is to have to go home because of something you ate! Also, if your bridesmaids want to eat out, make sure you don’t overindulge – it might not go very well with the drinks you plan on having later on in the night.

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Photo source: flickr.com/heylovedesigns

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