5 Bridal Beauty Tips


Bridal Beauty Tips

5 Beauty Tips to Look your Best

Selecting the perfect hair and makeup for your wedding day is one of the most exciting decisions for brides-to-be.

It can also be just a tad overwhelming; there are SO many bridal beauty options, how do you choose the right one??

Take a deep breath. Whether you’re a beauty pro or a nervous novice, we you covered with 5 Bridal Beauty Tips that are sure to make your wedding makeup and hair prep as stress-free as possible.

Enhance your own beauty.

You’ve always been beautiful, now you get to look – and feel – extra special on your wedding day. Day-of hair and makeup should enhance the real you, not make you look like someone else.

Wedding photos are forever, so you should look like you – not a sorta-kinda-similar version of you.

Play up those beautiful cheekbones or big, bright eyes. Your groom loves you (and he already know what you look like), so have fun enhancing your look.

Start your skincare regimen early.

About six months before your big day, begin a healthy skincare routine so your makeup application is a breeze, says Rachel Cothron, owner of Nashville-based R&Co Bridal Beauty Team.

“Don’t do any peels, facials, or start a new beauty routine in the month leading up to the wedding” she says.

As a longtime hair and makeup artist, Rachel has seen it all. That’s why she highly recommends hydrating yourself. Not only will you feel better, but your skin will look healthy and glowing. Plus, a well-hydrated bride makes for a nice, smooth palate.

Leave it to the professionals.

Rachel urges brides to hire a professional makeup artist for their big day. Not only have they had tons of practice, they know what foundations will match your skin tone and how to contour a la Kim Kardashian.

Professional MUA also use higher-quality products that will photograph well and keep the shine away.

“If you have a look in mind, make sure it’s complementary of your own features and isn’t too drastic from your typical ‘going out’ makeup,” Rachel explains, adding that brides should refrain from anything too trendy or with lots of glitter.

Save new hairstyles for another day.

The last thing you need as a bride is a beauty emergency. Remember that one scene from Bride Wars when Kate Hudson realizes her hair is green?! Wedding planning is stressful enough without a beauty crisis to manage.

“Don’t try ANYTHING new before the wedding,” Rachel says. “And if possible, let it grow out a bit, but maintain with a trim.”

It’s also important to consider hairstyles that are reasonable for your hair length, thickness, and texture. You know your hair better than anyone, so this part should be easy. Bring in pictures to show your hairstylist. Pinterest, anyone?

“The morning of your wedding, make sure your hair is ‘day-old dirty,’” Rachel continues. “It’s even better if you have it styled for your rehearsal. Don’t worry about oiliness; dry shampoo will be your BFF.”

Wax on, wax off.

If you’re accustomed to a weekly (or monthly) wax, this part will be fairly routine for you, so plan to wax two or three days before the wedding.

Definitely don’t try a new wax or esthetician right before the wedding; stick with your normal schedule.

Ladies who are new to waxing will need to start at least a month beforehand. Since hair grows in a cycle (which can become uneven with shaving), it will need time to adjust to waxing cycles.

Check out this Glamour article for a quick waxing overview, then ask your stylist or salon for a personal recommendation.

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