5 Reasons to Surprise Your Employees with a Farm to Table Feast

As many of our favorite local restaurants know, spring in Tennessee means bountiful produce from a wide variety of local farms. Why bring up that lovely point on an events and bridal planning blog? You may notice that everyone in the office seems a little bit more distracted this time of year. As the weather turns warm and the days grow longer, people want to be outside. Take advantage of your corporate team’s spring fever and use it to your advantage with these 5 reasons to surprise your employees with a farm to table feast! It can spur more productivity and employee engagement. For more, keep reading, we’ll tell you why:

Farm to Table Feast

Farm to Table Feast

Events encourage employee engagement. The research is in: almost 45% of American workers are disengaged from their current jobs. And we understand- a job is a job. People want to make money, so they go to the office everyday. By holding mid-season and mid-year events, you elevate the meaning going into the office. Give your employees something to look forward to. If you source local ingredients from local farms, even better! You show your staff that you care about them and the community around your company. Don’t leave corporate events for Christmas and New Year’s alone. Find ways to celebrate all year.

It’s an excuse to get your people outside. Springtime is the perfect time for a picnic or outdoor event. The weather is good, and it’s not so hot that everyone will be sweating through their button-downs. Use the good weather to your advantage, and give your in-office party planners a little wiggle room to create a beautiful space outside. Tents and tables with long lines of delicious fresh food can make a Thursday afternoon feel like a Saturday night of vacation.

If you exemplify community involvement, you encourage community involvement. A farm to table event means bringing in food from local farms, growers, and people in your area to cater. By sourcing food from local businesses, as opposed to large corporate chains, you are sending a message to your staff that you care about the businesses that exist within your local community. You also have an opportunity to make something truly fun and unique for both your staff and the businesses that you purchase food from. Your staff may learn something about their area that they didn’t know before. Which can only add to the fun.

Healthy food equals active minds and fit bodies. Most people with full time jobs are strapped for time. By hosting a farm to table event, you are not only giving them a mid-week and workday break, you are also showing them that they have the ability to buy wholesome food at their fingertips. Have one of your local farms set up a do-it-yourself cooking station under a tent where employees can make farm fresh omelets or sandwiches. This will show your people that they have the resources within their own community to eat healthy even when they are not at work. The healthier your staff is, the lower your cost on healthcare. In this scenario, everyone wins!

There are always reasons to celebrate. While corporate parties can be expensive, remember that there are always reasons to celebrate when it comes to your staff. Whether you are celebrating a company-wide anniversary, throwing a collective birthday party where every member of the staff is recognized, or thinking about spring holidays like Easter or Passover, remember that your employees will always accept a reason to celebrate. By hosting a truly delicious spring fete, you are drawing attention to the fact that there is a reason to carpe diem all year long.

As the weather warms up, we hope you find more than just five reasons to surprise your employees with a farm to table feast. Make everyday a holiday and watch your people appreciate their jobs even more.


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