5 Reasons Why Wedding Tent Rentals are Always a Perfect Idea

Planning a wedding can be the most exciting and most stressful event in your life! Choosing the perfect location and venue typically being at the top of the list of difficult decisions. Do you want your wedding to be indoors in a beautifully decorated building? Or do you wish to be closer to nature and have an outdoor wedding? Depending on your wedding date, will the weather be a concern? And most importantly, how does renting a tent fit in with your budget? All these questions and more will be addressed below, so, keep reading for the top 5 reasons renting a tent is perfect for your wedding.

Wedding Tent Rental

5 Reasons – Wedding Tent Rental

Renting a tent gives you more bang for your buck

When it comes to your wedding budget, the venue and location can either make or break the bank. Choosing a tent is ideal for budget conscious wedding planners, because you can select from a variety of wedding tent packages. Packages typically include chairs, tables, a bar, linens and even a dance floor saving money on renting these items separately. Depending on the time of year and location, building venues not only book months and in some cases years in advance, but also carry a hefty price tag based on demand. Renting a tent is perfect for your wedding, because prices are set. Check out budget wedding ideas for even more tips.

Renting a tent is perfect all year round

Think tents are only for mild weather seasons? Well, think again, because renting a tent is great for all times of the year. Tents not only protect your guests from the rain and harsh sunlight, but can be great in various weather situations with the addition of some equipment. Having a summer wedding? Grand Central provides a variety of heating, cooling options and other tent accessories.

Renting a tent offers flexibility

Tents provide the flexibility of having both an indoor and outdoor wedding. You don’t have to worry about the weather and your guests get to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors. With a tent, the location options are numerous. Installing the tent on a ground surface allows the choice of having a wedding on a farm or even in your own back yard! Selecting flooring within the tent provides even more of an indoor atmosphere although you are outside. Since the size of the tent is based on the number of attendees, you have greater options with the guest count. You can have an outdoor wedding anytime of the year, therefore, a tent provides more options when it comes to your wedding date. With the cost savings, a tent is perfect for your wedding as it leaves more room in your budget for decorations and other necessities.

Renting a tent provides a blank canvas

Venues located inside of buildings already have an established theme. Furthermore, when it comes to renting tables and chairs, the venue only offers a limited selection of styles. On the other hand, a tent provides a blank canvas. You can implement your own style and theme without structural hindrances and the permanent decor of a building. A tent allows the freedom to transform it until it fulfills how you envisioned your special day would look.

The first way to transform a tent to make it perfect for your wedding is by selecting the right draping and lighting. Depending on your theme and style, you can select from a wide variety of options. View some draping decorations to be inspired. When it comes to lighting, you can choose a chandelier, vintage cafe lights, Italian street lights, globe lights and even lighting that gives your wedding a true party feel when it is time to get on the dance floor. Check out these lighting options for more ideas!

When it comes to linens, tables and chairs, you can truly let your imagination flow. Our online rental catalog shows the wide array of options available. If having decorating freedom is important to you, then renting a tent is perfect for your wedding.

Renting a tent accommodates a large guest count

Stressing about the guest count? Well, stress no more, because tents come in a variety of sizes making it easy to accommodate 92 to 920 guests! Frame tents range in size from 10′ X 10′ to 50′ x 120′, can seat up to 600 guests, and can be installed on any surface while providing an unobstructed view. Pole tents range in size from 40′ x 40′ to 60′ x 150′ and can seat up to 920 guests.

Weddings can be stressful! Reduce the stress by renting a tent so that you spend less time planning and more time preparing for the adventure of marriage.

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