7 Ways to Incorporate Your Groom’s Style During the Wedding

As brides, we tend to get carried away thinking our wedding day is all about us. And the for the most part, it is. But you also can’t have a wedding alone. Incorporating the groom’s style will make the wedding even more memorable.

Think beyond the groom’s cake and consider these super fun ways to share your special day with your special someone. Consider his personality, style, and interests and be creative with them. He’ll thank you later! 

  1. Boutonniere

What are some of your guy’s favorite hobbies? Is he a musician? Or maybe a he has a passion for sailboats? Consider making (or ordering) some truly unique boutonnieres for him and his groomsmen to wear. We absolutely LOVE this sailor’s knot and these alternative boutonniere styles. Bonus points if you make the rose from some of your guy’s own music.

  1. Highlight his heritage

Marrying the tall dark and handsome Latin man of your dreams? Celebrate his culture in style! That is, if his Abuela hasn’t already insisted on her own ideas.

  1. Groom’s gift

It’s always nice to get your groom a little special something for him to open before the ceremony begins. Find a nice cigar box and include a sweet love note, maybe some risqué boudoir photographs, and a pair of “don’t get cold feet” socks that match your wedding colors and showcase his personality. For example, if wedding colors include royal blue, then opt for a pair of Chicago Cubs socks (assuming he’s a fan).

  1. He can say, “Yes!” to his outfit

When we’re planning every single detail of our wedding, we also want to control what our guy wears, right? But it’s also important for him to be comfortable on his special day, too. If your fella is more comfortable is jeans and a band t-shirt, then chances are, he’ll feel completely out of his element in a black and white tuxedo. Consider a stylish suit paired with a pair of Converse sneakers. It relaxes the overall look and really showcases the groom’s (and his bandmates’) style.

  1. Serve his favorite drinks

What’s a reception without some bubbly?! If you’d like to feature a couple of His & Hers signature drinks, pick one he actually enjoys drinking. More bonus points if it’s reminiscent of his childhood home. Mint Julep, anyone? And be sure to have his favorite beers on-hand, too. After all, you can’t expect him to drink champagne all night – unless of course, that’s his natural drink of choice.

  1. Be playful

Is your groom a kid at heart? Maybe you two bonded over your insane love for Monopoly? Then have some fun with it! This couple showcased their passion for Legos in some subtle and not-so-subtle ways that really highlight their personalities. Be creative! We promise your guests won’t forget those kinds of details.

  1. Make the wedding cake the groom’s cake

We mentioned groom’s cakes earlier (which, for the record, have come such a long way and are now insanely awesome!), but you can also make the actual wedding cake represent both of your personalities. You can still have the three-tier decadence with buttercream frosting you always dreamt of, but opt for Star Wars bride-and-groom cake topper! Your groom will love it! And it demonstrates compromise, which will completely save your marriage in the long run :)




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