Add personality to your wedding by decorating your chairs creatively!

Your wedding is a celebration of love and commitment. But more than anything, it is a celebration of who you are as a couple. Therefore, all the elements of your wedding should be “imprinted” with your own style and personality too.

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How to add a bit of your personality to the wedding chairs? We have gathered some wonderful ideas to inspire you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Nautical. Planning a wedding near a beach? Want your Big Day to be infused with the delicacy and poetry of the sea? Have your chairs speak about that by decorating them with fancy nautical knots. A bit of rope and a bit of skill and you’re all set!
  • Angular bows. Forget about the boring bows that tie up right at the top of the chairs. These days, it’s all about perspective, angles and minimalism – so choose some beautiful ribbons or pieces of fabric and create angular bows that look stylish and powerful.
  • Large sequins. If you want your wedding to look really glamorous and spectacular, dress up your chairs with large sequins covers. Gold, silver, champagne – choose your favorite color and go for it! It may seem bold and rather cheeky at first, but you and your guests will absolutely love it once your entire wedding décor is pulled together.
  • Pastel ribbons. Choose your favorite variety of pastel colors, buy ribbons in these colors and tie them up to make every chair look like a true rainbow. This is a cute idea that works perfectly with outdoor weddings!

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