Add Something for Your Young Guests: Inflatables


Weddings should be happy moments for every single guest, regardless of gender or age. Sure, you have probably thought about how you will entertain the adult guests. From great food to music, dancing and delicious drinks, you have thought of providing them with everything they need to feel really great at your wedding.

Have you thought of your younger guests too, though? Most likely, there will be at least two children invited to your wedding (the ring bearer and the flower girl). Even more, it is quite possible that some of the parents choose to bring their kids with them as well. How can you entertain the little ones and how can you make sure they feel just as great as their parents at your wedding?


Inflatables are a great idea for many reasons.  Here are a few things that may influence you to use inflatables at your wedding:


  • The kids really do deserve to have just as much fun as their parents and inflatables are something they always love.
  • Children tend to have lots of energy and sitting at a table or dancing is not really their kind of fun. If they are not provided with anything to have fun with, they may start running around and they could accidentally break something. An inflatable will keep them “busy” and entertained for hours!
  • Inflatables are safe for the little ones as well. If you want to make sure they don’t get hurt, provide them with inflatables that are safe for them.
  • There is a wide variety of inflatables to pick from and you’ll definitely have some fun choosing  them as well!


Grand Central Party can provide you with fun and safe inflatables for the young guests at your wedding. Come visit us and take a look at what we have in store!


Photo source: TheArches


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