Are Save the Date Cards Important?


Wedding proposals are an exciting time for any couple, especially those who are truly in love with one another. When the reality of the engagement starts dawning on the couple however, the next step they need to do is to start preparing for their big day. But how do you really start? The first thing you need to do is to decide when you would like to get married. This will help you start sending out Save the Date cards to your guests.

Here are some important things you need to know about Save the Date cards:

How important are these cards?

Save the Date cards are important because they help you in preparing your wedding guests. Especially if you will be having a destination wedding, your guests will need to prepare for the event financially and with their schedule. By sending out these cards, you are letting them know in advance that they are part of your wedding guests.

When to send out these cards?

Generally speaking, Save the Date cards are sent six months before the ceremony date. But if you will have a destination wedding, you may want to send these out at least eight months before. When you do, your guests will have enough time to prepare or even confirm if they can join your wedding.

Do you need to have a booked venue and time?

Most of the time, Save the Date cards are only informal invitations that are sent to guests so they can prepare. These cards do not indicate the time and venue of the wedding ceremony yet. In a way, they are just being informed that they should not make any plans on that day because you will be getting married. You don’t include details of the official venue until you have booked it. When that happens, you can send out your wedding invitations already.


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