Are Smartphones At Weddings A Bad Thing?

Smartphones at weddings are one of the modern bride’s etiquette dilemmas. On the one hand, most guests will show up with them and they can be great for photos. On the other, you don’t want people live-tweeting your ceremony.

The use of smartphones for photosharing can be a great addition to weddings, and can make it faster and easier to get the candid shots that you once had to hunt down from guests. Of course, this can mean instant access to photos, but that isn’t always a good thing.

The candid photos your guests have taken might not show you (or others) in the best light, and might make you cringe. Many brides would prefer to see the official photos first.

Of course, the main part of the smartphone debate comes down to the distraction factor. Like any cell phone, they can be a nuisance if a guest leaves the ringer on or does the unthinkable and replies to texts or takes calls during the ceremony.

However, smartphones have added distractions built in, such as Facebook, Twitter, news apps, and games.

One way to keep smartphones in check is to include your smartphone wishes in your day. This can be a polite note in the invites, and a reminder of it at the venue.

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