Are you aware of last year’s most popular wedding cake styles?

Although wedding trends are constantly changing, the absolute truth is that one year’s most popular trends can have a huge influence on the next one’s trends as well. For example, looking at popular wedding cake styles from 2015 can help you create a stunning cake in 2016 – and this is precisely why we have gathered some last year’s most important cake trends to inspire you. Read on and find out more.


  • Small cakes. One and two-tier cakes were very popular last year – and they might very well continue to be appreciated this year as well. Budget-friendly, stylish and more than adequate for a small, casual wedding, a small cake will provide your guests with just as much awe and flavor as a large cake would.
  • Fresh flowers. Of course, marzipan and fondant flowers are not completely out of the picture. Yet, in 2015 (and 2016 as well), fresh flowers are very trendy. They look really beautiful and they can make your cake appear fresher, more vibrant and more natural as well.
  • Buttercream. Vintage cakes with buttercream frosting were also very appreciated last year (and we think they will continue to be loved this year too). Irresistibly delicious, buttercream cakes are a timeless classic everyone will love.
  • Naked cakes. Looking for something really unique? Turn your thoughts to this 2015 wedding cake trend and you will definitely love it. Cakes without frosting look absolutely stunning and they taste like millions too!

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