Are you aware of the proper wedding guest etiquette?

Being a wedding guest should be a joy and an honor – and definitely not a source of stress. However, with so many rules and etiquette principles, it can sometimes be quite difficult to do what’s expected of you – especially in those situations where wedding etiquette is slightly ambiguous.


What are some of the most important things you should know about proper wedding guest etiquette? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Dress in whatever colors you want – but do make sure your attire is suitable for the event’s level of formality. Also, if you wear white, do make sure you are not wearing anything that looks even remotely “bridal” and if you wear black, remember to choose something that doesn’t look like it’s meant for a funeral.
  • Tip the bartender. If the wedding reception will have an open bar, you are expected to tip the bartender with up to $1/drink. However, you aren’t expected to do the same with other servers at the wedding (e.g. the valet).
  • Offer thoughtful gifts. Buying a present from the wedding registry is a safe way to make sure the couple enjoys your gift. However, it is not absolutely mandatory – especially if you offer something you know for sure the bride and groom will enjoy.
  • It is OK to give money as gift, but you should at least include a thoughtful note with your envelope, so that you show your hosts that your gift is from the heart. Moreover, if you are invited to someone’s second wedding (and you were invited to the first), you will not be expected to offer a gift – but it would be a nice gesture nevertheless.
  • Pay attention to +1 rules. If the RSVP includes a +1 line, you can bring along your spouse, your partner or even a friend. However, if it doesn’t include a +1 line and you are in a very serious relationship or married, you should politely ask the bride and groom if there was an oversight. Be very delicate about this, as they may be on a tight budget and they may not be able to afford inviting +1s at their wedding.

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