Are you aware of the top tent types for your wedding reception?

With summer here, many of you might be considering to have an outdoor wedding. And although the weather is a lot nicer than in the winter, there is, sadly, nothing to guarantee that you won’t get a bit of rain on your Big Day.

Having a wedding tent for the reception is a really great idea if you want to combine the casualness and freshness of the outdoors with the safety provided by the indoors. But do you know what the top tent types for wedding receptions are? If not, here are some tips to consider:


  • The Indian marquee. This large pole-style tent is beautified by gorgeous pieces of trimmed fabric, instead of the white vinyl. This makes it an elegant option for the Big Day and it is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to compromise luxury and opulence – not even in an outdoor environment.
  • The teepee. Created to resemble the Native American teepee, this type of tent is an absolute classic. This tend comes in a wide range of styles and sizes, making it ideal for a lot of wedding types – from the more casual garden-inspired and rustic-chic to the more elegant options. What’s more, it can be gorgeously decorated, creating a space that’s more than welcoming and stylish.
  • The yurt. Suitable for smaller weddings, this tent is made of lattice walls and a roof and crown that are wood ribbed. Everything is covered in fabric, giving the tent a very nice bohemian-chic touch everyone loves (which is one of the reasons this type of tent has grown in popularity in the last few years).

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Photo source: Andrea.Pacheco

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