Are you going to be a Pinterest bride?

Being a bride can be a terribly difficult thing – especially when there’s a lot of pressure on you to create the perfect wedding. Do you really have to be like all the brides-to-be stereotypes, though? Do you really have to be obsessed with wedding magazines, wedding websites and Pinterest? Do you have to fall into a certain “category”?


What if you don’t want to be a “Pinterest bride”? What if you don’t want to be the “traditional” bride that stresses over every napkin at her wedding’s tables?

Here are some of the things you could be in exchange:

  • A bride who does things not because a magazine told her to do them and not because she took a quiz that told her that she is a “fairy tale bride” or a “wild bride”.
  • A bride who plans a wedding that truly fits her heart, her style and her love story – and she does this beyond all “unique wedding ideas”.
  • A bride who knows how to create a wedding budget and who knows how to stick to it even though a lot of other options may sound very tempting.
  • A bride that is less stressed out because she is not surrounded by “perfect magazine weddings” everywhere she turns her head.
  • A happy bride – one that plans a wedding because she wants to “start” her marriage, not because all the glossy magazines and Pinterest boards tell her that she should do this.

Regardless of whether or not you are a Pinterest bride, Grand Central Party could be there for you. We provide a beautiful range of wedding rentals that look absolutely gorgeous and will save you money as well – so if you need anything for your wedding, just contact us and find out more about our rentals!

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