Warm Up Your Autumn Wedding with these Five Ideas

If you’re spending time at home around the holidays, chances are you have some time to do wedding research after all of the cooking, eating, and cleaning are done. November and December are both beautiful months for weddings, but the weather can be a little brisk and cold for nuptials this time of year. Never fear- read on to find out how you can warm up your autumn wedding with these five ideas.

Autumn Wedding Tips

Warm up your Autumn Wedding

  1. Do you call it a wrap or a stole? The run from the reception steps to your getaway car can be downright cold, even with a thousand sparklers burning around you. One way to warm yourself up during your autumn wedding (and add a little glam), is to find a wrap or stole to wear after the ceremony. Wraps can be anything from fur (or faux fur) to glamorous beaded fabrics. There are even ideas on how to incorporate a denim jacket into your wedding day wardrobe. Check out this list from Brit + Co. outlining the best ways to keep your shoulders warm on your big day.
  2. Hot drinks can warm you from head to toe. Oftentimes, especially if your wedding runs late, the final catering offering will be a pass of coffee and cookies to help everyone wake up and get home safely. We suggest adding a hot apple cider or hot chocolate bar to your offerings. Warm drinks can help your guests stay comfortable on chilly autumn evenings and add a cozy feeling to your catering offerings. Also, don’t forget about craft beverages. If you’re more interested in bar offerings, check out this list of cocktails that is sure to warm up your autumn wedding.
  3. Don’t forget that tents can be heated! It is fair to say that we are a rentals company, so here at Grand Central Party Rentals, tents are our business. Don’t just take our word for it. Providing a well heated tent for your guests to hang out in can add an extra level of comfort to your wedding. Also- tents are extremely versatile as far as decor goes. Options like clear top tents can allow your guests to feel warm and cozy, while still dancing under the night sky and stars.
  4. Don’t stop the music. It’s a well known part of wedding planning that music makes a difference in how fun your reception is. It’s a party after all and people want to dance. The more you keep your guests dancing, the less they’ll worry about the cold. In the debate between band and DJ, remember that every aspect of your wedding is supposed to point back to you and your significant other’s love story. Choose the type of music that best embodies what the two of you would listen to.
  5.  Cozy outdoor areas do exist! While it may seem like S’mores are passe, chocolate never goes out of style. Giving your guests a place to go when they need a break from the festivities and dancing is never a bad idea. Offering a fire pit outside, complete with marshmallows for roasting, can be a great way to add an extra bit of fun for your guests. Also, kids love them. You can even set up your coffee or hot apple cider bar around the fire pit and especially warm up your autumn wedding.

Whatever ideas you settle on, remember that your big day is a chance to reflect the love that you and your significant other feel for one another. Every decision that you make for your big day should be a testament to the story you are telling together. Plus, love warms everyone’s hearts. It’s the ultimate way to warm up your autumn wedding.

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