Be careful if you are thinking of having your friends be your wedding vendors!

Everyone knows planning a wedding can take a lot of time and dedication – and we all know that it can take quite a lot of money as well. Sure, saving money should be a priority for a couple planning their wedding – but that doesn’t mean you should throw yourselves at every money saving method there is.

In fact, some of them might be great ideas at all. For example, having friends as wedding vendors might sound like an amazing way to save money and “hire” a person you truly trust – but, in reality, things might be completely different. Why is this not a good idea? Read on and find out more.


  • First and foremost, actual vendors have a lot more experience. Unless your best friend is an experienced wedding professional, chances are that an actual vendor will have more experience in more ways than one. An experienced vendor will know how to pull off the best results, how to treat your guests and, ultimately, how to solve any problem that might arise along the way.
  • Furthermore, professional wedding vendors will also be more up-to-date with the latest trends and ideas. With experience, skill and very good tools/equipment, a professional vendor will know how to breathe life into your wedding ideas and how to make them look artistic and beautiful.
  • Last, but not least, even if you have good friends who happen to provide wedding services, you most likely don’t want them to work on your wedding day. You want them to celebrate and be merry, just like all the other guests!

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Photo source: B Rosen

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