Be creative when choosing wedding favors and find ones that go with any theme you have decided on!

It may not be compulsory that you offer wedding favors at your Big Day, but the truth is that this is a really nice way to thank your guests for their presence at your wedding. Even more, you could take this as a great opportunity to add a unique touch to your wedding and to make your wedding theme feel more well-put together too.


How to be really creative when choosing the wedding favors? How to make sure you settle on an option that really goes with any theme you may have decided on? We have gathered some tips and ideas for you, so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Cute magnets. This is an all-time classic and while some may say that it has been overused, the truth is otherwise. As long as you choose something that sends out a beautiful message and looks great, your guests will be more than happy to take it home with them. For instance, you could opt for a pair of magnets that are themed around the idea of love and how sweet this feeling can be.
  • Fancy playing cards. Again, this is a classic wedding favor, but if you choose something elegant and unique, there’s no way in the world your guests will not love it. A pack of cards designed with golden details will really suit your wedding regardless of what theme it may be centered on!
  • Gumball machine. Want something cute and playful as your wedding favors? Give your guests mini gumball machines and you’ll definitely get them excited regardless of how young or old they may be. To make sure this fits into the rest of your wedding, choose gumballs that are colored according to your wedding color scheme.

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