Be creative with your gift registry, there are a ton of options we are sure you haven’t even thought of

Weddings used to be quite traditional and they all felt like following a particular “recipe”. These days however, everybody is free to do whatever they want for their Big Day. And this also includes your gift registry. Some of the brides and grooms choose not to have any at all, while others choose to have a very “complex” one.


If you want to be creative with your gift registry, but if you don’t have a lot of ideas, remember to read on because we have put together some great ideas to inspire you:

  • Everyone knows just how expensive a wedding can be, so why not ask your guests to contribute to a wonderful honeymoon? You can ask them to buy honeymoon activities on!
  • As a married couple, you will most likely want to move into your own home at some point in the future. Ask your guests to contribute to your down payment. They will all understand very well why you are doing this and they will definitely want to participate.
  • If you want to keep it a bit traditional, but still reap all the benefits of a “modern age wedding”, register your gifts with a site/shop that sells very modern-like household items that are designed in a very beautiful way (Newlyish is a good example here).
  • If you don’t want to be “material” with your wedding gifts, simply ask your guests to bring you a movie or a book that means something for them. Even better yet, ask them to donate to a charitable cause of your choice.

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