Be sure your chairs are beautifully decorated for your big day!

When planning a wedding, every detail matters. The linens on the table, the flowers that surround your aisle, the shoes you put on your feet – every single minute detail can make a huge difference. And your chairs make no exception whatsoever.


How to make sure your chairs are beautifully decorated for the big day? We have gathered some tips to inspire you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Go for simple elegance. Don’t overdo it, really. Long gone are the days of heavy satin and oversized bows on the wedding chairs. These days, most brides and grooms opt for comfort with a dash of style – so think of something in that area.
  • Don’t limit your options. There are so many gorgeous fabrics that can be used in decorating a chair! From organza to taffeta, everything works as long as you use it in moderation and with good taste. For instance, a rustic wedding will look charming with organza and burlap combined as chair décor.
  • Add cute elements. Want a special mark for the Bride and Groom chairs, or for the wedding party seats? Don’t be afraid to go all creative with your signage and your guests will definitely love it. Be funny, crack a pun and your wedding chairs will be just as much as your love story as the rest of the wedding is as well.

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