What Does Your Bridal Bouquet Say About You?

A wedding consists of a thousand tiny details that all come together to make one perfect celebration. The best part about picking out each of those tiny details is how they reflect you and your intended’s love for each other from day one. Whether you are planning an elopement or an extravaganza, each part of your special day will reflect your own personal love story. Flowers play a huge role in any wedding day, even if it’s just a quick trip down to the courthouse. So, what does your chosen bridal bouquet say about you? Read on! We have some ideas.

Wedding Bridal Bouquets

What Does Your Bridal Bouquet Say About You?

Your flowers have history. The tradition of a bride carrying some sort of plant on their wedding day dates back even further than you may have guessed. In fact, brides as far back as ancient Egypt and Greece carried sheaths of wheat as sacrifices to the gods for fertility and happiness. Queen Victoria carried a large bouquet of sweet smelling blooms to invoke the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and to fill her marriage with a sweet aroma. Brides carry flowers because they are beautiful, and because they symbolize beauty, growth, and fertility. In carrying a sweet bouquet on your wedding day, you are paying homage to an old tradition. One almost as old as marriage itself. The more lavish and sweet-smelling your bouquet, you may wish for sweetness in your relationship. A simpler bouquet can symbolize a longing for simplicity and beauty in your marriage.

Your flowers have meaning. A little known fact about flowers is that each individual bloom has a specific meaning. Flowers have long been used as symbols for different ideas and feelings. For example, everyone’s favorite the red rose, symbolizes passionate love. And why shouldn’t it? It has been the favorite flower of Valentine’s Day gift givers for as long as anyone can remember. Keep a watchful eye on the flowers you put in your bouquet. Some flowers, like the buttercup, has negative connotations. If you hand someone a bouquet of buttercups, you’re calling them childish. Based on the flowers you choose, you may find yourself carrying attractiveness (ranunculus) and dedicated love (sunflowers) into your ceremony.

Your flowers have color. Certain flowers have different meanings based on what color you choose. For example, we mentioned red roses, white roses symbolize purity, while pink roses symbolize admiration. Yellow flowers are often used to symbolize happiness and joy. If your wedding colors consist of oranges, greens, and pinks, you probably want to carry a feeling of joy, happiness, and gentleness into your marriage. If you like more jewel tones, like purples and blues, you may want to carry tranquility (blue) and tradition (purple) into your marriage. Purple is also the traditional color of royalty, so if you choose several deep purples, you may be saying that your beloved makes you feel like a queen. And don’t confuse purple for lavender. Lavender symbolizes grace and elegance, which is also something a bride wants to feel on her wedding day.

Your flowers say a lot about you. So, what is your favorite flower? Do you want a bouquet overflowing with French Iris’s? They symbolize faith, valor, and wisdom

. Or do you prefer a more traditional peony, which is the symbol for happy marriage? Chances are that whatever blooms you (and your florist!) have chosen say something about the life you hope to have after your wedding is done. No matter what you choose, we are sure that your sweet-smelling accouterment will make the perfect addition to your wedding day.

No matter how you choose your tiny details for your wedding, it will be a special celebration of love and commitment. And no what your bridal bouquet says about you, we wish you a sweet marriage with plenty of love and joy to spare.


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