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How to Choose Table Layout for Your Wedding

September 29, 2014

Of course you want everything at your wedding to be absolutely perfect! This is your big day and you do deserve the very best! Perfection comes with a long series of decisions you have to make. The long list of things to do will indeed feel endless at times, but the main thing you should […]

What Type of Tent Should You Choose for Your Reception?

September 22, 2014

Outdoor weddings are fun and they come with a great benefit: the natural décor surrounding you. Regardless of whether you choose to have your wedding on a beach or simply on the outdoor patio of your favorite venue, you will have to be prepared for the worst as well. And the “worst” thing that could […]

Does Flatware Matter?

September 15, 2014

Planning out marvelous big parties lies in the small details – and weddings are not an exception from this rule. On the contrary though, the small details in the wedding décor will make for the big “wow” coming from your guests. To answer the question posed in the title shortly, yes, flatware does matter. After […]

Make a Statement with Your Reception Linens

September 8, 2014

Make a Statement with Your Reception Linens There are just about one billion things about planning a wedding a bride-to-be has to take into consideration. Even the tiniest napkin and even the most remote of the flower arrangements can turn you into a pack full of stress and negative emotions. And yet, every single bit […]

Choosing the Perfect Venue

September 1, 2014

Weddings are more than just big parties – they are celebrations of family, commitment and love. They all look nice and perfect but behind the big moment there are hours and hours of planning and thinking and decision-making. Being a bride is not an easy thing, you see! Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding […]