Catering To Your Wedding Theme

Today’s wedding couples are planning unique wedding experiences. It’s not that traditions are no longer important to them; it is simply just that they are empowered to select the traditions that are meaningful to them personally, creating a day that is memorable and intensely personal for them and their chosen partner.

Take Harry and Meghan, for example. They observed quite a few of the traditions required of their position, out of respect for the Queen and the nation, such as being married at Windsor. But they added a few touches of their own: a speech by the Duchess, Princess Diana’s favorite flowers, and the lemon/elderflower cake. And no one will ever forget that wedding dress!

At your own wedding, you will probably have family traditions that you want to observe, as well. Perhaps your favorite uncle always proposes the toast, or maybe you are choosing to be married on family property, just as it’s been done for the last 75 years. These are special and charming decisions a wedding couple can make, and are all a part of love.

Many weddings today also have a theme, however, and that is just another level of fun. These themes can be chosen based on favorite movies, such as Star Wars or Harry Potter, or songs, such as the theme from Titanic or a tune from Woodstock. The couple could be avid hikers or surfers, square dancers or parachuters…the list of possibilities are endless!

When you are working within a theme, there is one part of a wedding celebration that demands special attention, and that is…..the FOOD!

Just imagine all the ways that your catered foods can enhance your wedding theme.

A southwest theme will require Mexican or Tex-Mex, while a surf theme could inspire a luau, complete with pineapple and pork. Is the wedding couple a pair of Anglophiles? A wedding cake topped with a replica of a British castle, Yorkshire pudding, roast beef….just think of it. Car enthusiasts might enjoy a menu that gets its kicks from the diners along Route 66, while a pair that is into skiing might absolutely love offerings that could be found at a ski lodge.

When planning out your special day, don’t forget that you’re creating a recipe for a day to remember!Here at Grand Central Party, it’s our job to help you create the wedding celebration of your dreams.

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