Changing your maiden name isn’t a must!

Although it is generally considered the traditional thing to do, changing your name after the wedding is not an absolute must. In fact, you are free to choose whether or not you take your spouse’s name or you keep yours.


What are some of the reasons that might determine you to settle for the latter options? Read on and find out more.

  • It’s a huge hassle. If you thought changing your name would be easy, think again. Chances are that you are going to take your wedding certificate with you wherever you go – and that you will have to go a lot of places before you finally see your new name well-settled into every little piece of document and account you own.
  • It’s not exactly feminist. If you consider yourself to be a feminist, you might find the idea of changing your name to be slightly offensive – especially considering that the history behind this tradition is related to women belonging to their fathers and then to their husbands.
  • It’s really traditional. Some of you might find the idea of changing the maiden name to be simply outdated – and that’s a perfectly valid reason to choose not to do it. If you and your future spouse are an unconventional couple, feel free to stick with your maiden name (or simply change it to a variation where both your maiden name and your new name are included).

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