Choose some delicious veggies for your wedding cocktail hours

Veggies may not seem like your go-to wedding menu “foundation” – but, in truth, they can be an absolutely excellent choice if you want your wedding food to be healthy, unique and absolutely satisfying.

For example, have you considered beets for your Big Day? If not, you should! Here are some wonderful ideas you could incorporate into your wedding menu:


  • Pureed beets. Forget about boring mini-sandwiches and serve your guests with pureed beets on crackers. They look really vibrant (due to the wonderful color offered by the beets) and they taste absolutely amazing! Not to mention this is a truly healthy option for everyone too!
  • Beet salad. Also in the healthy category, beet salad can add a fun, unique and delicious twist to your wedding menu. Colorful, tasty and full of vitamins and good nutrients, a good beet salad is bound to satisfy even the most “carnivorous” of your guests. Give it a try, you’ll love it!
  • Bite-sized beets treats. Center your hors d’oeuvres on beets and your guests will love them more than candy! The beets will add a fun, colorful touch to your cocktail hour snacks and they will also taste really great, especially in the right combinations.
  • Cocktails. Believe it or not, beets can be included in cocktails too. For instance, if you want to serve your guests with a non-alcoholic version, a juice or smoothie made with beets, berries and other “goodies” will make for a delicious non-alcoholic refreshment for your cocktail hour.

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Photo source: Dana Moos

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