Choosing the Best Decor for Your Autumn Party

So you’re planning to throw a party this fall? Of course, you will want it to be a gorgeous autumnal event, and, since it’s Nashville, you know you will have an eclectic crowd—
photographers, musicians, foodies, writers, tattoo artists, painters, and more. The company you keep is intriguing and unique, so you’ll want your autumn party to reflect the originality and creativity of your attendees.

Your decor and table settings will need to encourage people to relax and enjoy each other, so choosing stylish simplicity and comfort will do just that. If the weather is fine, groupings of chairs (and even couches!) can be arranged outdoors around a bonfire or firepit for that camping feel, while providing cover by using tents for wetter weather will ensure that your party won’t be interrupted.

Centerpieces can be quickly created by tying hand-picked flowers and dried herbs together and placing them mid-table in jars, baskets, wine or beer bottles, or just lying in graceful heaps. Pumpkins, squash, and other gourds are a must, both large or small, and you may want to add welcoming words or phrases on them by painting or ink. The smallest gourds can be used as place settings—use pet names, nicknames, or other unique verbiage for a fun touch.

Don’t hesitate to make use of lanterns and other lighting to enhance your autumn party; the sun will be going down early at this time of year, so an afternoon party will turn into an evening party. Side and coffee tables can be employed to hold your lighting, and adding pine cones, containers of autumn leaves and other natural autumn items could be a nice touch. Stringing lights from trees, decking, fences, and shrubbery will add to the ambiance of your get-together; there are many colors available, too.

Coverings, such as blankets, throws, or sheepskins can be readily available for those truly nippy nights, as well. Choose colors that complement your party scheme.

Grand Central Party is the place to go for all your decor needs. We offer tents of all sizes, as well as tables, chairs, china, and linen. Whether you want your gathering to be rustic, elegant or something else entirely, we can help you create a Nashville event to remember!

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