Choosing Your Chairs

The chairs you choose for your wedding are important. Your guests will be sitting through a lot of the day, and keeping them comfortable is crucial. Of course, you also want your chairs to look fantastic, since they’ll be such a big part of your wedding decor.

The type of wedding you are planning can give you some guidance when it comes to your chairs. If you’re planning a formal wedding, the Chiavari chair is the classic choice. These offer an elegant style and they can be decorated with sashes for an extra splash of color.


An outdoor ceremony can often call for garden chairs. These will be more stable on a variety of surfaces, and can also be decorated for a custom look.

Even if your venue supplies chairs, it can be worth renting a different style of chair. Some standard banqueting chairs will not give you the beautiful finishing touch you might want for your wedding day. After all, the chairs will be a big visual part of your ceremony and reception!

You might also want to consider different chair styles for the ceremony and reception. To find out about the selection of chairs we have available for your Tennessee wedding day, get in touch today!

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