Consider Balloons for your Next Party

Balloon Artists may not be the first thing that come to mind when planning a party or wedding, but Sam the Balloon Man says they should certainly be on your list!

Balloon Art is Fun

Consider Balloon Art for your Event

Gone are the days of basic helium-filled balloon bouquets as centerpieces; in fact, balloons really have become an impressive art form that appeals to party-goers of all ages.

“We’re experiencing a renaissance of balloon décor,” he explains. “Products are getting better, techniques are getting better, and color matching is getting better.”

Balloons can be broken down into two categories: décor and twisting.

Obviously, décor is comprised of all things balloon-related that add pizzazz to your event. Depending on the extent of the décor, it can be created the day(s) before or the morning of your party.

Balloon twisting, on the other hand, is created by a balloon artist (yes, artist!) on the spot during your celebration. These, too, have come a long way from the classic balloon dog to extravagant wearable airplanes and balloon dresses.

Let’s start with balloon décor.

Sam the Balloon Man (also known as Sam Cremeens) said he can match his balloons to nearly every wedding color and party theme.

If the balloon color doesn’t exist, Sam has a few alternatives up his sleeve.

He can double-up two different-colored balloons, so when they’re inflated, the color changes completely. Or, he can incorporate curlicue twisting balloons with standard round balloons designs to add a special wow factor to things like balloon columns.

“But we can also add another element to balloon décor,” Sam said. “We can install a color-changing LED light setup to match closely to the wedding colors and décor. I can put disco-type lights inside them to create splashes of color and light that move in constant motion. There is no end to what’s possible with balloon décor these days.”

Balloon Art fro Weddings

Balloon Add Pizazz to Events

If draping and uplighting aren’t your style, consider a balloon installation suspended from the ceiling. Sam can mix together balloons of different sizes, colors, patterns, and textures, and then suspend them at varying heights to create an elegant, whimsical element to your special day.

Balloon décor is completely customizable, depending on your preferences and budget. Sam said he’s created wedding décor across the spectrum, from a simple altar to an extravagant $20,000 project that required a crew of 100 balloon artists.

Now let’s explore balloon twisting.

Hiring a balloon twister for your birthday party or company picnic might be the best decision you could ever make! Seriously.

Not only are balloons oh-so-fun and creative, but they’re also entertaining – and not just for kids.

Here’s what you need to know: private parties are typically smaller and can be handled with one balloon twister.

“You’re going to see bigger, flashier, showpiece-type balloons at these parties,” Sam said, adding that means anything from a Ninja Turtle costume to a giant elephant mask to a 5-foot-tall swan hat. “It’s something that stands out and is really big – something parents will have trouble fitting into their cars. It’ll be multi-colored and intricate. I have probably 50 colors to choose from and balloons of all different sizes and designs to work together.”

For larger events like a corporate picnic, Sam will bring in other balloon twisters to help. And while the designs will still be impressive, they probably won’t be as extravagant as they might be at a smaller party.

“We’re usually trying to make them as fast as possible,” he said. “One person might take time to create a showpiece while the other is just pounding them out, then we’ll switch to show versatility. But not everyone is going to get a showpiece.”

Planning a kid-free party for adults? Even better!

“Once you get grown-ups into a party situations and they’ve had a couple of drinks, they turn into giant toddlers,” Sam laughed. “Roughly 60 percent of my business is for the over-21-crowd. They might start out with a simple fascinator or a small corsage, and then later in the night, end up with a 6-foot-tall balloon on top of their head.”

No matter the occasion, balloons can add a super fun element to your celebration. Go ahead, give it a try!

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