Create a Beautiful Outdoor Rustic Wedding

Few themes are as popular and flexible as the rustic wedding. It’s a great choice if you want a laid back, relaxed, and beautiful wedding theme. It’s also a wedding theme that is very easy to create with the right wedding rentals.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, the first thing you’ll need is a tent. This gives your guests cover from the elements, something they’ll appreciate whether it rains or you have a hot, sunny day for your wedding. It also provides more of a venue feel, allowing you a set area for your decorations, seating, and dance floor.


With a tent in place, you can begin filling in the necessities. These include tables, seating, a bar, and a dance floor. Choosing the right style for these elements will help reinforce the rustic theme you have chosen. Look for rustic style furniture such as a whiskey barrel bar or rustic wooden bar. These are functional and give your wedding the perfect ambience.

When you have these big elements, the decor you choose will highlight your rustic wedding theme. Popular decorative items include mason jars, candles, and floral centerpieces.

To find out more about creating the ideal rustic wedding style, and to book your wedding rentals, give us a call today!


Photo: Flickr/Ryan Polei

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