Create a wedding timeline to help you successfully coordinate your wedding planning!

Everyone who has already gone through a wedding planning process knows just how many details have to be considered. Creating a wedding timeline will help you coordinate everything so that it runs smoothly and as “accident-free” as possible. How do you do that, though? Read on and find out some of the best tips on how to create a successful wedding timeline:


  • Start with a guest list and a budget. Before you do anything, talk to your fiancé and see exactly how much money you can afford spending with your wedding. Don’t over-indulge and try to keep this number in mind throughout the entire wedding planning process. Also, bear in mind that although there are many ways to make sure that you stick to your budget, the most effective one will always be narrowing down your guest list. So, before you even think of a wedding theme and before you even start hunting for the best venue and vendors, make sure you have a guest list as stable as possible.
  • When setting the date, try to think of one or two “backup” options as well. Most likely, you are not the only ones getting married in the same period and you will be “competing” with other couples for the best venues and vendors in your area.
  • Take all details into consideration and don’t forget to plan the wedding day logistics. Things such as knowing when your caterer will arrive at your venue’s location, knowing who will take care of the place cards and knowing who will deal with the décor can be just as important as everything else that led up to that moment.

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