Creating a Romantic Evening Wedding

Last week, we talked about the importance of lighting for your wedding. The right lighting can also create a romantic feel for an evening wedding ceremony.

Nothing says romance like candles, and the perfect way to illuminate your ceremony is with candelabras. These raise the candles to the right height in a delicate and beautiful way. You can place candelabras around the altar for a beautiful flickering light that will make your romantic dreams come true.


Of course, candles can also be used as part of your ceremony. If you’re considering a unity ceremony within your wedding, you should consider a unity candelabra. This can offer a better looking and more romantic style for this part of your ceremony than a standard candle holder.

You don’t need to buy the perfect candelabras for our Tennessee wedding, though. We offer them as rentals for your wedding, as well as many other wedding day essentials. To find out more about wedding rentals and candelabras, get in touch today!

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