Creating a Stunning Altar

If you’ve seen any photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding, you know that the stand-out feature of the ceremony was the 20-foot wall of flowers the couple had constructed as a backdrop for their vows. While this might be a bit over the top for your wedding, it does show the importance of creating a stunning altar for your big day.


Flowers are a great way to decorate an altar. They are synonymous with weddings, and bring all the parts of your wedding together. You can match the flowers used in your altar, bouquets, and reception centerpieces.

To display flowers in your ceremony, a wrought iron arch is an excellent choice. This can be accented with your chosen flowers, or surrounded by blooms. You can also add matching candelabras that can be used for candles, other types of lighting, or more flower arrangements.

Another way to include flowers in your ceremony is to have a large arrangement spread over a table behind your officiant. This can give the same sort of effect that Kim and Kanye had with their wall of flowers.

Creating the perfect altar often starts with choosing the right wedding rentals. To find out about rentals for your Tennessee wedding, give us a call today!


Photo: Flickr/_katattack

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