Creative Alternatives For Your Groom’s Cake

These days, it’s traditional to be non-traditional when it comes to a wedding. The couples of today want to make their celebration their very own, with themes and touches that express their own personalities and interests. From a Star Wars vibe to a Bedouin tent, the sky is the limit for a wedding event. Couples get married in costume, on horseback, or barefoot on the beach – even while skydiving! If you can dream it, you can make it happen, as the saying goes.

One way to have fun with older traditions is to create a unique, one-of-a-kind groom’s cake. Some couples may opt to do away with this old favorite, but maybe, in keeping with the spirit of individuality that is the hallmark of 21st-century ceremony, you could add your own twist to add to your memorable Nashville wedding!

The tradition of a groom’s cake comes from Victorian England when couples would have both a small bride’s cake and one for the groom in addition to the main wedding cake still seen today. Slices of these smaller cakes were given to the bridal party at the end of the wedding. This wedding event tradition made its way to the United States eventually, and remains popular, especially in the southern states. It’s a way to give the groom special recognition on the wedding day, which so often focuses on the bride herself. Often made of dark chocolate and containing fruit and liqueur traditionally, the possibilities today are really endless.

Perhaps your groom’s cake can be done in his very most favorite recipe! Lemon cake with lemon frosting, or red velvet….why not? In honor of the groom, his cake should reflect his individuality.

When it comes to the shape, his hobbies or interests should be taken into consideration. If he’s a musician here in Music City, why not a cake in the shape of his instrument? Or perhaps the image of his favorite pup? If he is a sports fan and is all about one particular team, then the logo or the colors of the team would be a great touch for him. Use his favorite movies for inspiration, or his line of work. Hobbit holes, robots, skyscrapers, cars, super heroes – these days, cakes come in a multitude of shapes and sizes.

You could even consider his favorite dessert instead of cake…A giant ice cream sundae or a bucket of banana pudding, a tower of his favorite cookies, or maybe a charcuterie board with all his favorite meats and cheeses, if he just isn’t into sweets. And don’t forget all the gluten-free options available today!

He will be touched and thrilled to see the special creation you have come up with, just for him. Here at Grand Central Party, we are all about a grand celebration! Visit our website to get your party started.

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