Did you know you should be following some rules when planning your wedding? Make sure you are aware of the top ones:

Wedding planning is not an easy deal – not even by far. In fact, you could write entire bookshelves about how to do it and never actually cover every single issue that may arise when planning for a wedding. And yet, there are certain wedding planning rules you should never forget. Here are some of the most important ones:


  • Talk to your future spouse. After all, you will be sharing your life with each other from now on and talking about how you would like your wedding to be is only natural. Talk about your preferences, about the budget, about the things you absolutely don’t want to compromise on and about all the other details that really do matter for both of you. Remember: a wedding starts with “we”!
  • Decide on what kind of wedding you want. Before you do anything else (even before you work on the guest list, some would advise), make sure you decide on what wedding style suits you best. Do you want a grand ballroom wedding? Do you want a quirky, unique one? Or do you want to settle for something that’s right in between? Think about it and only then start searching for a venue.
  • No matter how much you will want to please everyone, that’s just not possible in the vast majority of the cases. So breathe in and do things your way. It may not be traditional for a bride to wear a red dress, for a wedding to take place in a museum or for your bouquet to be made out of baby breaths only – but as long as it makes you (and your future spouse) happy, there’s nothing wrong about it!

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