Does Flatware Matter?

Planning out marvelous big parties lies in the small details – and weddings are not an exception from this rule. On the contrary though, the small details in the wedding décor will make for the big “wow” coming from your guests.


To answer the question posed in the title shortly, yes, flatware does matter. After all, it will be right at your guests’ fingertips (literally). Choosing the right forks, knives and spoons can add a lot to a table setting and while your guests will probably eat just fine even without fancy flatware, they will surely appreciate it if they do have it. What tips should you keep in mind when choosing the perfect type of flatware for your wedding? Here are some of them:

First and foremost, keep in mind the theme of your wedding. Truthfully, even if you may want to choose really beautifully embellished flatware, it may not go with a rustic wedding (and the other way around: elegant weddings will not look great with simple, rustic flatware).

Think of the other items on the table as well: the glassware, the tableware, the centerpieces and so on. These should be matched with your flatware as well.

Unless you are planning a really, really fancy wedding reception (and unless you know your guests will be expecting it), you don’t necessary have to have an over abundance flatware. Get only those that are suitable for the menu you will be serving and everything should be more than fine.

Whatever type of flatware you choose to settle on, Grand Central Party can help you out. We offer a good array of wedding party rentals that include flatware, glassware and even tents. Furthermore, there are plenty of options in each category so that you can get everything from us and not have to worry about working with multiple providers.

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