Don’t Serve these Foods at Your Wedding!

When it comes to planning your wedding menu, you can easily choose the dishes that you find favorable and make it part of your menu. However, there are some particular dishes that you need to reconsider serving on your wedding day. While the reasons for these foods may range from being unhygienic to being very expensive, you have to know that it is unwise to serve these dishes.


Here are some of the dishes that you should refrain from serving at your wedding:

Anything Raw

You may have an adventurous palate and determined to let your guests try new things at your wedding. Just make sure that you steer clear from raw meat, eggs, or fish. Unless prepared by a professional, you will have to think of your guests’ health when you serve these dishes. Since food served at a wedding is usually prepared hours before, serving something raw is a health hazard.

A Full-Course Meal

Avoid serving a five-course meal during your wedding, unless you want your guests to just stay on their seats the entire time. You will want your guests to mingle and even dance to some songs. If your guests feed themselves too much, you might not have any dancing happening soon.

Elaborate Dishes

Gourmet food doesn’t always mix with catered food. And in the case of weddings, you will need to have catered food prepared for your guests. You have to remember that when you will be serving gourmet food, it means that it takes a while to serve them. This is because the dish is being over-simplified by the Chef so that it becomes elaborate for fine-dining dinners. In a wedding however, the food needs to be prepared right away so that it can serve hundreds of people.

Unless you have the budget for it, you can avoid hiring a top Chef to serve dinner to your guests. Stick to simple dishes and your guests will love you for it!

When you’re serving dinner to your guests, make sure that you seat them comfortably next to the people they have been introduced to. While a wedding planner can help you with your seating arrangements, we can help with the comfortable seats. Call us today to learn more about our Nashville services.

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