Friday or Sunday Weddings Versus Saturday Weddings

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Once you get engaged, one of the first steps in the wedding planning process is setting your date! A lot can go into choosing your wedding date — is there a date that has sentimental value, do you have your heart set on a specific venue with limited availability, are certain dates cheaper than others? While Saturday weddings tend to be the most popular, you may find yourself considering a Friday or Sunday wedding!

Though Friday and Sunday wedding dates are typically less expensive, many couples are hesitant because they worry their guests may not be able to make it. If you’re thinking about a Friday or Sunday wedding, here are some factors to take into consideration:

  • Sunday weddings will likely be easier for out of town guests to attend than Friday weddings. If you are planning on a destination wedding, or if many of your guests are coming from out of town, a Sunday wedding gives them Friday night and Saturday to travel and gives them a bit of time to unwind before the wedding festivities begin.
  • If your guests are local, a Friday wedding may be most convenient. If the majority of your guests are local, travel is not as much of a consideration. Therefore, a Friday wedding will likely be more convenient for many of your guests as they will have all weekend to recover before having to head back to work on Monday!
  • A Friday or Sunday wedding will likely help to keep costs down, but not always! Your venue may offer a reduced fee, or a lower minimum for food or drinks for non-Saturday weddings. However, depending on your guest count, a lower minimum may not be worth basing your dates around! If you have a higher guest count, you may already be exceeding the minimum, rendering a lower minimum useless. However, if your guest count is on the lower end, a lower minimum food and beverage requirement may make a big difference in the cost of your wedding!
  • Make sure your vendors are available! While a Friday or Sunday wedding often means more vendor availability, some vendors don’t take on multiple weddings in one weekend. This means that while they may not be booked on that Friday or Sunday, if they are booked that Saturday you might still be out of luck! Before deciding on a date, check with all of your key vendors to ensure your date works for them!

All in all, remember that your wedding day is your day! If a Friday or Sunday wedding works best for you, go for it! If you do decide that you want to have a Friday or Sunday wedding, just be sure to give your guests plenty of advanced notice to plan accordingly!

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