Give Your Guests Some Elbow Room

Whether you’re planning a wedding or a party, you’ll need to figure out how many guests you’re expecting and how many tables you’ll need for them to sit at for the meal. While on the surface this is a pretty straightforward calculation, it can present some different options.


The easiest way to think about it all is to consider your dining room table. Chances are, it seats 4-6 people, 8-10 people, or another range of numbers. When you’ve sat down for a big family dinner, you know that you can fit the higher number around the table. You also probably know that it isn’t the most comfortable of meals.

If you add in the space you need for things in the middle of the table — be they decorative centerpieces or family-style platters of food — each guest has even less room. Suddenly that table that can fit 10 is might cramped. If any of your guests are larger people, it can be quite uncomfortable.

Many people choose to do a rough table plan before committing to the number of tables they’ll need. If you choose a table that can seat six people, such as the 48″ round table, you might not have a guest list that easily breaks itself up into groups of six. It might make more sense to have five people at each table, particularly if you have family groups that should be seated together. While you could choose to cram guests onto a table that seats four, it won’t be an experience they’ll enjoy!

When you rent tables from an experienced Nashville rental company like Grand Central, we can help you plan out the tables you need. Whether it’s all one size or a mix of sizes, we can work with you to design the reception that gives every guest the elbow room they deserve! Give us a call to find out more!


Photo: Flickr/Ruth Hartnup

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