Graduation Party Planning Tips

It seems like only yesterday they were learning to ride a bike or practicing their multiplication tables, and now their high school graduation day is almost here. The days of class trips, pep rallies, and football games are coming to an end, and it’s an exciting and bittersweet time for your child, and for you. Saying goodbye to the past and greeting the future with hope and joy is all part of this time in life, and the graduation celebration you plan should reflect that. Here are some graduation party planning tips for you:

THE DECISIONS. You and your graduate have a lot to consider. Who to invite (family, school friends, the neighbors?), when to host it (weekend, after school, after the graduation ceremony?), where it should be (your house, a separate venue, outdoors?) You can opt for an open-house style, so that if there are any other parties that same day or night, attendees can flow from one to another and see everyone.

BUDGET. As you create your budget, these are the things you will need to consider: Invitations and postage, decorations and centerpieces, food and drink, photography and video, party favors and music, venue and tent rental, and oh! Don’t forget the thank you notes!

STYLE/THEME. You can go formal and create a classic atmosphere with fine linen and china, complete with elegant floral arrangements. Perhaps this crowd is more of a casual bunch, so in that case, you can create a camping vibe outdoors with everyone in weekend wear around a bonfire. A luau would be great fun, with tropical dress, lots of flowers, and fruity non-alcoholic drinks. Your party theme can be created with your graduate’s future plans in mind, with the theme framed around where they are going to college or trade school, or what their career goals are. If your party is going to be outdoors, you should consider the seating requirements and any tent rental or chair rental needs that you will have!

PERSONALIZE. Set up a way for guests to record their thoughts and memories for the graduate to enjoy in the future. You can do this by offering a place for “graffiti”, where people can be as artistic and creative as they like, or you can have it done “vlog” style with a videographer. Record the silliness, the dancing, and the reminiscing (keeping it positive and joyful). A guest book with a page for each person to use is also a possibility.

ENTERTAINMENT. Customize any entertainment to the crowd your child has been friends with over the years. Music and dancing is an obvious choice, but perhaps this group is into gaming and anime – a costume contest might be fun, instead. For the sports minded, a softball or flag football game could be a hit, as another example.

Here at Grand Central Party, we are all about celebrating. From tent rentals and stanchions to china and chairs, we have everything you need for your graduation celebration. Let’s get this party started!

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