Greeting Your Guests

Your wedding day is such an important moment in your life! As a good host, you will want to make sure every single guest that attends your wedding feels welcomed – and this means that you will have to greet everyone the proper way.


What is the proper way though? How do you greet your guests? What does etiquette say about it? We have gathered some of the most important things you should know about this so read on and find out more.

  • The proper way to greet guests usually includes a line. This can be formed either at the ceremony site (after the ceremony) or at the reception venue (before the party).
  • The most basic form of a receiving line includes the following people (in the exact same order): the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, the bride and the groom.
  • Fathers are not requested to join the line, but it’s perfectly fine if they do. However, keep in mind the fact that if one of them joins the receiving line, the other one should join as well.
  • If you want to include your attendants in the receiving line, place the maid of honor right after the groom and the other bridesmaids after that.
  • If the groom wants his attendants to be included as well, the best man should stay right beside the maid of honor and the other groomsmen should stay after the bridesmaids.
  • If your family’s situation is special (such as divorced parents for example) or if you simply want to create the receiving line in a different way, choose a line formation that works for everyone involved!

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