Groom Surprises Bride with Flash Mob and Song at Wedding

As a wedding and party equipment rental store in Nashville we often peruse the internet for fun and exciting weddings and event to share with our blog readers in hopes to provide some inspiration for their own event.

So while we were perusing YouTube today we found this really fun video taken at a wedding where the groom surprised his bride with a song and flash mob. He plotted and planned with their wedding party and many guests months before the wedding to pull this off.  The brides reaction is priceless!

What is the point of us sharing this video with you?  Not only is it a great idea for your own wedding but it’s a great reminder as to how important a dance floor is.  Many wedding venues, especially outdoor ones, don’t have dance floors.  In order to pull something like this off you must have a designated place for everyone to meet.  A dance floor does that.

If you’re still looking for a dance floor for your Nashville wedding, why not rent one from our selection.

So what did you think of the video?  Pretty cool idea?

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