Groom’s Wedding Clothes – Make the Man

As a bride-to-be, planning your big day involves a thousand tiny details. From flowers to bridesmaids gifts, you have so many things to worry about. While planning and buying your wedding dress has probably been a long process of shopping and planning, and even more strenuous, the process of finding one dress to fit all of your bridesmaids, you may not have thought as in-depth about your Groom’s Wedding Clothes. While sending him to the nearest chain store to get fitted for a suit is all well and good, consider the details of his attire too. Because, as they say, the clothes make the man. Especially on his wedding day.

Groom's Wedding Clothes

Groom’s Wedding Clothes – Make the Man

Help him to look as trimmed and groomed as possible. Traditionally, a bride and her maids will spend the entire day before her wedding getting their hair, makeup, and nails done in preparation for the big day. With the rise of boutique barber shops across the country, it’s not a bad idea to send the groom and his men to do something similar. Sign the boys up for trims, shaves, and beard shapings a few days before the big day. (Because, everyone knows a men’s cut always looks better on the third day.)

Boutonnieres can be personalized. Your bridal bouquet was a labor of love by the florist who made it. These heavy, beautiful, and often expensive accoutrement are one of the most exciting parts of the floral delivery on any bride’s wedding day. Don’t forget about the groom’s boutonniere as well. Tell your florist to work a special trinket or flower that is special to your relationship into his boutonniere for him to discover the day of the wedding. And, yes, it is okay to send a note with it to explain why it’s special just to him. Although, we’re certain he would have figured it out on his own.

Allow your man to stand out as much as he wants to. A few years ago, we had a bride and groom who could not agree on what the groom wanted to wear on their wedding day. He wanted to wear a white tuxedo with tails, while she wanted him to wear a traditional black tuxedo. They finally compromised, after several discussions, that he could do the James Bond and wear a white dinner jacket with black tuxedo pants. We tell this story to say that groom’s often feel overlooked on their wedding days. Allow your intended to wear something special, if he wants to. It’s his day to stand out from the crowd too. Whether that means a funky bow tie, different socks, or a white tuxedo with tails, allow him to be as excited as you are about his fashion choices for the big day.

Shoes, socks, suspenders. All the details that add up to a lot of fun. Remember the days when a black suit was the only acceptable dress for men’s wedding attire? Those days were boring! While we don’t particularly endorse bringing back the pastel suits of the 1970’s, we do recommend having a little fun with what your groom and his men wear on the big day. Let the clothes make the men look good, and use them to reinforce the overall aesthetic of your wedding. If you are going for shabby chic, suspenders and gingham are a great idea. A little bit hip? Have all the guys in hightop Converse sneakers. Midnight in Paris? Consider navy suits without ties and open collars. We have even seen grooms wear the socks of their favorite sports’ team when they were married. No matter which way you choose to go with your wedding’s overall vibe, make sure your groom and groomsmen fit the theme as well as you and your bridesmaids do.

No matter what, the most important part of the wedding day is the two people who are coming together to be married. The clothes may make the man, but every man needs a good woman. And that lends beautiful purpose to a wedding day.

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