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Wedding Hair Styles

Wedding Hair Styles for Bride and Groom

Every bride knows how important a pre-wedding schedule is; it’s essential for a stress-free ceremony and reception. Of course, there’s catering to confirm and alterations to finalize and boutonnieres to assemble. The list goes on. But let’s not forget about hair styling; they are just as important as the wedding cake!

If you haven’t already, start thinking about what styles you’d like for you big day – or pick two and wear one for the nuptials and one for the after party.

Then, be sure to schedule a consultation about three weeks before the wedding – any longer and your stylist may not remember what you discussed.

“I always tell my clients to bring in three pictures of styles they like and one they don’t like because it’s really hard for a stylist to recreate a look from just one picture,” explains Tabitha Bryson, hairstylist and color expert at Scout’s Barbershop in East Nashville.

Color me pretty

If your hair is already colored, schedule a touch-up at least one week before your big day. An aptly-timed refresher will give your hair a more vibrant color as you walk down the aisle toward your handsome groom.

Ladies, listen up. Those of you who have been too nervous to try color, but decided at the last minute that you want it for your big day – yes, we’re talking to you – don’t do it!

“You definitely don’t want to try something new right before your wedding,” Tabitha says. “If you’re seriously considering new color, start at least six months beforehand, so you have time to either love it, change it, or decide on a way to style your new locks.”

Now let’s talk color!

Bronde is the absolute hottest trend for 2017, and it looks positively gorgeous! It’s the perfect mix of brownish-blonde and blondish-brunette, depending on your personal preference.

Not only does bronde look great when your hair is down (think: long, flowy waves), but it’s oh-so-perfect for up-dos, too! The coloring is so subtle, it offers an effortless, natural look.

If you’re still in love with ombré, consider one thing: up-dos hide the transition of one color to the other, so you could end up with a very contrasting look.

Channel your inner flower child

Florals have long been used to accessorize hairstyles. Hippies of the 60s and 70s perfected the “flower child” look with their long locks adorned with delicate floral crowns.

But trends evolve, and modern brides can take their styles one step further with the addition of big bold blooms or a rhinestone-and-Baby’s Breath combo. We’re obsessed with Cosmo’s list of 24 Stunning Ways to Wear Flowers in Your Hair on Your Wedding Day.

There’s literally a look for every bride’s personal style – from messy braids woven with fresh daisies to a chic chignon adorned with rose gold-colored ivy hair combs.

Grooming the groom

All eyes will be on the bride during the wedding, but a dapper groom is sure to steal (at least some of) the spotlight!

Fellas, you seriously have it so easy! You wake up, you shower, you dress, and you’re out the door in 15 minutes. It takes us that long just to apply the perfect cat-eye flick!

So, when it comes to your wedding day – or your best friend’s wedding day – take a few extra moments to spruce up your look.

“Guys can typically get a haircut a week or two before the wedding, depending on the style they wear,” Tabitha said. “If they wear a short, short fade, cut it the week beforehand. If they wear it a little longer, go 2-3 weeks beforehand.”

The same goes for bearded bros. Tabitha suggests a good beard trim a couple of days before the wedding. (Once again, this depends on personal preference and desired look. If you’re unsure, talk to your stylist. They are experts, after all.)

If you’re a clean-shaven kind of guy, splurge on a trip to your favorite barbershop a few hours before your nuptials.

“Make time for a straight razor shave that morning,” Tabitha recommends. “The hot towels, moisturizer, and close shave will last longer and give you a substantially cleaner look.”
Then there’s the scruffy style that goes especially well with rustic, outdoor weddings. We’re especially fond of a 5 o’clock shadow with artfully-disheveled hair


Partners in style

Tabitha also stressed the importance of cohesion between a bride and groom. This is a given when it comes to the wedding gown and tuxedo cumber bum – or Levi’s and suspenders – but oftentimes hair and makeup styles are overlooked.

“The bride and groom’s styles should complement one another and the overall feel of their big day,” Tabitha said. “Definitely take your venue and wedding style into consideration.”

She also pointed out that the husband-and-wife-to-be should discuss beforehand if the groom wants a stylist to fix his hair for the wedding. A perfectly-coiffed look can make a bride swoon for her groom.

“It’s not just the bride’s day, it’s also the groom’s day, and he should look and feel special, too,” Tabitha said. “Men love having their hair styled as much as – if not more than – we do!”

Go ahead, give him your Pinterest login so he can start searching for his wedding day hairstyle!

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