Having a Bad Weather Backup Plan for Your Outdoor Wedding

Wedding couples dream of being married under sunny skies in the beautiful outdoors, but that’s not always possible here in Middle Tennessee. Often, stormy weather with accompanying wind and rain is the wedding day reality when planning your Nashville events. Having a backup plan is going to save the day and should be part of your planning process right from the start. You will have many other things to think about and plan for, so make sure the weather isn’t a stressor when it comes to one of the most important days of your life by having a Plan A, and even a Plan B, in mind.

One common solution is looking to tent rentals for these types of situations.  This gives your outdoor surroundings plenty of coverage from the elements. From protection for your guests from rain and wind to the direct sunlight and heat of the deep summer, a tent rental is a great way to make sure the day isn’t spoiled by elements out of your control.

Make sure that a tent rental and chair rental/ table rental is okay with the venue you have reserved; the manager or owner may have a preferred vendor they would like you to work with, as well. While using tents might not be exactly what you had in mind, they are very versatile and can work well as a blank canvas when it comes to your theming and making use of the outdoors. They come with clear side and top panels as well, which will allow for unobstructed outdoor views, and you can definitely use this to your advantage, even in the rain. The sides can be pulled back when the weather clears, as well, to allow for fresh air, and this will look like part of your overall plan.

Many venues offer indoor options for your event, too, and this can be planned in advance so that you don’t have to even think about it as the day approaches. Make sure you are clear on pricing differences, should there be any, and that all the logistics will be taken care of accordingly. Moving chairs, tables, flowers and food, etc. at the last minute can be a big undertaking; make sure you know who is going to do this and what it will entail.

Some couples may want to stall for time with a pre-reception party to wait for the squall to pass. Organize this with your caterer to make sure it can happen smoothly and not place undue pressure on the kitchen. A pre-ceremony toast and some speeches can be special, and if they are impromptu, they can be very entertaining, as well!

Line up some outdoor heaters if you think that things can get too cool and consider having hot drinks such as mulled wine, hot cider or chocolate, or fancy coffees for your guests during a cold snap. With your wedding planner, go over all the unforeseen situations that might come up with an outdoor wedding and plan accordingly, and let the fun begin!

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