Here are some budget tips to remember if you plan on having a barn wedding

Rustic weddings have been very popular throughout the past few years – and understandably so. They are fun, unique, casual and they allow you to truly show a bit if your personality as a couple too. However, like every other type of wedding, they have to be thoroughly planned out.


If you plan on having a barn wedding and if you want to make sure you stick to your budget, here are some tips to help you truly understand the costs involved in having such a wedding:

  • Take toilets into consideration. Depending on what kind of venue you choose for your Big Day, you should make sure your guests will have restrooms available. Some barns don’t have toilets nearby, so you might have to rent your own and bring them to the venue.
  • Light and heat. Again, this depends on your wedding venue, on the time of the day you plan on having the wedding at and on the season as well. However, before you jump into anything, make sure your guests will be comfortable and that there will be enough light and heat in the barn.
  • Keep things clean. Before you invite people in, make sure the barn is properly cleaned up. Get rid of all the insects and rodents long before the actual wedding day and remember to disinfect everything too. If this is an actual barn and not a wedding venue built around the idea of a barn, these things will be absolutely necessary.

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Photo source: jskaroff



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