Here are some tips on why you should rent décor’ for your wedding:

Many people choose to go the DIY “route” when it comes to their wedding day – and usually, this means that they get to rent their own décor as well. Of course, you could go for a venue that provides you with everything you need, but the truth is that renting the décor can be a great idea as well. Here are some of the reasons why you should do this instead of working with an all-inclusive venue:


  • You don’t need a very fancy venue to have a very elegant party. The right décor, the right chairs, table linens and flower arrangements can all add a lot even to the simplest of spaces. Basic white rooms and even gyms can be turned into a truly beautiful location for your wedding – and all you need is to choose beautiful items for your décor.
  • You can rent décor both for a formal wedding and for a wedding that is more informal too. For instance, there are a lot of wedding rentals focused on rustic-themed weddings too – and they can be an amazing addition even to a simple, inexpensive barn.
  • It adds personality. If you want your wedding to truly reflect who you are as a couple and what your love story is about, renting your own décor is an amazing option. This way, you get to make your own choices and you can personalize your wedding to suit your style 100%.
  • Many people stay away from renting their furniture and décor for the Big Day because they believe that this will be time-consuming. Of course, planning a wedding can take a lot of time – but if you find a vendor that can provide you with all the wedding rentals you need, time will definitely not be an issue.

Grand Central Party holds an impressive array of wedding rentals you can get for your own wedding. From dance floors to lightning and from elegant wedding tents to rustic furniture manufactured by experienced craftsmen, we have everything you need – so make sure to pay us a visit when planning for the Big Day!

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